Balloons can be used almost limitlessly as promotional items and are always particularly popular, visual eye-catchers. Use the colourful balloons as classic eye-catchers for the next trade fair, a company event, company anniversary, the opening of a new business or simply as a small gift for your customers.

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Balloons as Colourful Promotional Items

Balloons as promotional items can be used at almost any special event to attract attention and draw the eye to a particular service or promotion. Printed balloons are particularly suitable for attracting the attention of your potential or all existing customers and at the same time to convey your company logo, your brand or even a special advertising slogan.

Balloons with Print and Accessories for your Business

Let your advertising fly - with printed balloons as promotional items or also as a small giveaway, printed balloons are a frequently used scatter article at the point of sale. With the classic promotional balloons, you always have a small, attractive incentive at hand for your customers, with which you can quickly put a smile on the faces of small and large customers. The balloons in our online shop are available in a wide variety of colours: you can choose between different standard colours, mixed colours or single colours. The matching balloon support rod with holders from our online range also ensure that you can hand out the balloons right away at openings and events. Equally practical and versatile is the twine, 900 mm: With this string, helium balloons can rise cheerfully without flying away and air balloons also stay safely on your hand! If you don't want to close your balloons by hand, the "Quickholder" balloon closure is just the thing. For quick, uncomplicated inflation, there is also a hand pump for small quantities of balloons and an electric balloon blower - practical aids for your balloons.

Balloons: small Advertising media with a Big Effect

Printed balloons are among the most popular, cheapest and most effective promotional items of all and always impress with their particularly great advertising effect. Whether as decoration and eye-catcher or as give-away: promotional balloons are not only very decorative and quickly attract a lot of attention. The colourful balloons are popular eye-catchers, especially at company events, trade fairs and other occasions. In many different, strong basic colours or colourfully mixed - decide now online for your favourites and place your logo or an advertising slogan on the balloons.
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