Promotional drinks or promotional beverages with logo such as water bottles, juices or even wine, beer or prosecco are excellent promotional gifts. Whether at trade fairs and events or as a small giveaway at the next customer meeting or during a company party or other event in the company. Many employees, customers and business partners will be grateful for the small refreshment in between.
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Brand Promotional Drinks with your Logo

Whether it's the 5-litre party keg, the organic orange juice in a can, the prosecco can or a bottle of mineral water: in our online shop you will find a colourful selection of the most diverse drinks as promotional items. Depending on the taste of your customers, you can have simple water bottles printed or also prosecco or juice cans with the logo of your company or an advertising message or slogan. The finishing options for promotional drinks offer exactly the right advertising space for many occasions. Because drinks as a promotional gift can be easily printed with a logo and are among the particularly popular promotional items.

Water, Juice or Beer: promotional Beverages come in a wide Variety of Formats

Are you looking for a promotional water bottle with individual printing options? Then the bottle of spring water 500 ml with sports cap could be the right choice: A great element of customer advertising in the beautifully shaped bottle. A little smaller, but just as effective, is the bottle of spring water 330 ml with sports cap. Special extra: the cap of this bottle is available in 15 colours. Decide now on this model of water bottle on which you can apply an individual print and have, for example, the labels customised and printed with logo, image or text. For cans such as the Secco d'Italia in a can or the Organic Orange Juice in a can, the band can be printed individually in each case. The surface can be fully utilised and thus ensures an eye-catching presentation of the company and many curious glances. The 5-litre party keg, individually printed is ideal for the next company party, event or other function. It is possible to store the unfilled individual party kegs in the brewery for up to 36 months and, depending on requirements, always have them filled fresh in batches of 50 or more. In this way, the party kegs can be used e.g. for the World Cup and many other occasions without having to pay attention to the best-before date.

Drinks as individualised Promotional Items

You too can rely on the advertising effect of branded beverages. Whether for a birthday, the turn of the year or just as a special promotional gift: use individually printed promotional drinks such as the water bottle with logo, orange juice or a beer keg to present your own company logo at events and trade fairs. In our online offer you will find a selection of different drinks that can be individually refined according to your wishes. An ideal way to present the company logo at business meetings of any kind.
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