Bulk Food Dispenser with Scoop, 13.5 L

Item number: 65.0187.2
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  • for the reduction of product packaging
  • easy and hygienic removal
  • including attached removal scoop
  • made of polycarbonate
  • completely visible
  • product chute with two hinged lids
  • holds approx. 13.5 litres
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The narrow product chute is ideal for use in your unpacked shop. But the small food dispensers are also an ideal solution in other shops for offering products such as sweets or nuts for independent removal. This saves a large amount of outer packaging and you present yourself with a sustainable sales model.
Fill your goods through the rear lid opening. The removal by your customers is done via the front opening. Both openings are each closed hygienically with a lid. Your goods can be viewed from all sides through the crystal-clear material of the entire food dispenser.
A scoop is included in the dispenser and is stored separately in a small holder. In order to prevent it from being taken along, the scoop is attached to the food dispenser via a holder.


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