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Product display Stands for sales rooms

The design of your salesroom requires the presence of suitable displays. There they serve for successful presentation on the sales area provided for this purpose. Product display are mainly racks. They are used to display your goods clearly and easily accessible for sale and to promote sales.

On the one hand, the product displays fulfil the storage function and on the other hand the presentation function. In addition to the correct placement of the products, the material is also decisive.

Many of our product displays are made of transparent materials. This ensures that the presentation of the products is kept as transparent as possible. In addition, we manufacture product displays from wood, stainless steel and aluminium.

Sales stands for your goods

With the matching sales stands you can bring clarity into your sales room:

Product supports and display stands

Product supports and stands made of acrylic are particularly suitable for the presentation of small goods:

Product dispenser

With the so-called product dispensers, the goods are either continuously fed or presented in a chute:

Displays for presentation and storage

These models are suitable for both storage and presentation:

Other product displays

You will find the other product displays in shops:

Unique and tailor-made products

In addition to our standard range, we offer you the possibility of manufacturing your own product display stands and sales displays. All according to your requirements and needs.

With 30 years of experience in sales promotion and our own manufacturing capabilities, we are your competent partner.

In addition, we can tailor almost any product to your company. For example, by printing your company logo or slogan on the product display stand.
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