Chrome Plated Panel Connectors


Material metal
Surface chrome plated
Panel thickness 3-5 mm
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Product Description

Where goods are to be presented in a sales-active and decorative manner, this range of panel connectors for 3-5 mm glass finds its strong side. They can be variably adapted to the given conditions and, thanks to the simple assembly/disassembly, can be added to or reduced as required. The application possibilities of this system are almost unlimited.


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Variants Version Item number  
panel connector panel connector 84.0003.1 view Article »
2 part door hinge, fixed 2 part door hinge, fixed 84.0003.10 view Article »
door hinge, 1-part, moveable door hinge, 1-part, moveable 84.0003.11 view Article »
door hinge 2-part, moveable door hinge 2-part, moveable 84.0003.12 view Article »
door lock for drilled doors door lock for drilled doors 84.0003.13 view Article »
double panel connector double panel connector 84.0003.2 view Article »
2-way connector 90° 2-way connector 90° 84.0003.3 view Article »
2-way connector 120° 2-way connector 120° 84.0003.4 view Article »
2-way connector, straight 2-way connector, straight 84.0003.5 view Article »
3-way connector 90° 3-way connector 90° 84.0003.6 view Article »
3-way connector 120° 3-way connector 120° 84.0003.7 view Article »
4-way connector 90° 4-way connector 90° 84.0003.8 view Article »
1 part door hinge, fixed 1 part door hinge, fixed 84.0003.9 view Article »
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