Panel connectors provide stable connections between panels made of different materials. The aim is to make designing with panels as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we offer you a series of connector types and hinges in this section.
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Connectors for every Material

In the category panel connectors, you will find glass panel connectors and universal connectors. These connectors are suitable for panels made of a wide range of materials. The glass connectors therefore also function as connectors for acrylic. In addition, MDF and wood are among the common panel materials for which the connectors are used.

You will not only receive connector types for the different materials, but also made of different fabrics. You can get connectors for acrylic in silver anodised aluminium, chromed panel connectors or glass clamps made of zinc.
Plattenverbinder mit Scharnier für Acrylglas


Specialised for every Panel Thickness

What is the most important feature of panel connectors? They should ensure stability and hold. This can only be achieved with connector types of the right size.

In the online assortment, the various articles are each available for several panel thicknesses. Are you looking for a holder for narrow glass panels? No problem!

In our assortment you will already find panel connectors from 20 - 35 mm. Large sizes are also available at any time.

Simply use our filter function and filter the articles according to the right plate thickness for your needs.

Glass Panel Connectors with Maximum Hold

You will find a wide variety of hinges and connector types for your needs in our online range. With these articles, fixing and attaching panels becomes child's play.

You want to fix a glass panel to the wall? Our large selection of glass clamps and glass holders is suitable for this.

These articles are available in metal and zinc. The connectors in the glass panel connectors category are therefore more suitable for indoor use.

The holder can be easily attached to the wall with the help of a pre-drilled hole. The panel made of glass, plastic, MDF, etc. can be easily inserted on the other side. A rubber device ensures that the panel is held in place.

Fastening made easy: Universal Connectors

While the glass clamps are designed more for indoor use, the universal connectors are also suitable for outdoor use. The connectors and hinges in this category are made of silver anodised aluminium. Therefore, they defy wind and weather.

The connector types are available in a wide variety of versions. You will find simple panel connectors as well as corner and multiple connectors in the online range.

If you do not want to restrict the movement of the panels, you can opt for an angle connector or a hinge. Hinges are available as lockable or freely movable models.

Suitable Accessories at a Glance

You can find a wide range of panel connector accessories online to match our connectors. These accessories make fastening easier or give you new possibilities in your design.

Small helpers such as the screwdriver or the spanner make it easier for you to attach the panel connectors. A suitable tool is also useful for fixing hinges and angles.

You get further design options with a bar profile for the glass connectors. The connectors can be easily attached to the profile. Together with a foot and a profile cover, an innovative company sign can be created.

Discover new options for your presentation and design. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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