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Clamp Strip "Poster Catch"

Clamp length

Product highlights

  • optimal for quick and easy fixation of notes, papers, order slips
  • no magnets or pins necessary
  • to fix notes, push them into the profile from below
  • mounting holes concealed by end caps
  • adhesive tape on the back
  • incl. screws and dowels
  • special lengths from 20 pieces
  • RAL colours from 20 pieces
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Material aluminium / plastic
Profile colour silver anodised
Endcap grey
Adhesive foam tape
Fixing incl. 2 holes with screws and rawlplugs

Product Description

Are you looking for a simple, practical and secure way to attach your notes, order and sales receipts? All this in an inconspicuous but appealing look? Then our popular note and receipt holder "Postercatch" is exactly the right product for you.

Made of a silver anodised aluminum profile, our note and receipt holder "Poster Catch" impresses with its simple yet visually appealing design and its ease of use. Another advantage, especially for restaurants, is the easy cleaning of the receipt holder, which is often used in snack bars and canteen kitchens.

Simply clamp your receipts into the holder, which shines with its user-friendly operation and also ensures structured and careful work. No magnets or pins are needed to fix your notes, you simply fix your receipts using the integrated, unobtrusive rollers. The attachment of the receipt holder on smooth surfaces is very simple by double-sided adhesive tape. If you want to attach our article to a wall, this is also no problem thanks to the included dowels and screws. Through the inconspicuous gray end caps, the mounting holes are hidden and the "Poster Catch" gets a free-floating appearance.


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Variants Clamp length Item number Item No. Price      
1204 mm (A0 landscape) 1204 mm (A0 landscape) 50.0167.9 20,95 €* view Article »
857 mm (A0 portrait / A1 landscape) 857 mm (A0 portrait / A1 landscape) 50.0167.8 13,45 €* view Article »
600 mm (A1 portrait / A2 landscape) 600 mm (A1 portrait / A2 landscape) 50.0167.1 10,75 €* view Article »
434 mm (A2 portrait / A3 landscape) 434 mm (A2 portrait / A3 landscape) 50.0167.2 9,13 €* view Article »
298 mm (A3 portrait / A4 landscape) 298 mm (A3 portrait / A4 landscape) 50.0167.3 7,44 €* view Article »
222 mm (A4 portrait / A5 landscape) 222 mm (A4 portrait / A5 landscape) 50.0167.4 6,69 €* view Article »
509 mm 509 mm 50.0167.5 9,81 €* view Article »
706 mm 706 mm 50.0167.6 12,05 €* view Article »
1008 mm 1008 mm 50.0167.7 15,20 €* view Article »
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