Displays made of DISPA® Paper Boards

Displays made of DISPA® paper panels with advertising

Displays made of DISPA® Paper Boards


What is DISPA®?

DISPA® is a new type of paper board that is made from 100% FSC®-certified paper and can be fully recycled. Compared to different materials and different embossing profiles, the core structure of DISPA® is a particularly stable composite board. This structure can be cut as well as punched quickly and efficiently.
With a material thickness of 3.8 mm, the sheets are thin, but are in no way inferior to cardboard in terms of stability and handling. This means that the individual paper sheets can be shipped flat. This reduces both shipping costs and emissions. The sheets can be printed on both sides using digital or screen printing processes. They are quickly assembled and ready for use in just a few steps. A real alternative to cardboard displays. 
After use, the panels can be disposed of in the waste paper. These properties and the easy processing make DISPA® the ideal material for advertising displays. Whether as a ceiling hanger, display stand or POS display: DISPA® paper boards offer a wide range of possibilities.

ships flat

modular slot-together system

100% recyclable

incl. print

Advantages DISPA®

   ✓ environmentally friendly, as 100% paper
   ✓ fully recyclable
   ✓ easy disposal in the waste paper
   ✓ low weight + high stability
   ✓ easy processing
   ✓ individual design possibilities
   ✓ Ideal for short-term promotions

The presentation of products on the shelf or on the table and counter are almost endless. Drawing the attention of your customers precisely to the desired product is the key to success at the POS.

DISPA® paper boards as a display combine sustainability and sales promotion in one product. An eye-catching print and message entice people to look. 

In addition to displays, shelf advertising made of DISPA® is just as easy to produce as it is to design. According to your ideas and wishes and with a suitable advertising message, your product will receive optimal attention.

DISPA® is made of 100% FSC® certified paper. The abbreviation FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council and is a worldwide organisation in over eight countries. The standards are high and must be continuously maintained in order to ensure consistent reliability.

The seal is a clear indicator that the paper comes from forestry. These are used and managed according to social, ecological and economic needs. Equally important is the processing and production, where there must be no mixing of non-certified materials. This ensures that all DISPA® products are FSC® certified. 

The right POS marketing materials should ensure an attractive reproduction of your content. DISPA® displays can be set up flexibly in the salesroom, on the trade fair stand or at the reception. The simple slot-together technology makes assembly and equipping easy. Short-term adjustments or changes can be made in a very short time. 

Compared to conventional posters or self-adhesive covers, the displays usually generate even more attention. Due to the efficient placement, the displays are directly in the eye of the customer. With an eye-catching print, your desired message remains in the memory of your customers. The perfect solution for short-term promotions. 
For some time now, VKF Renzel GmbH has been addressing the issue of sustainability and alternative materials. The DISPA® material complements the product range decisively and sets another important milestone in the direction of sustainability.
Find out more about sustainability and environmental friendliness at VKF Renzel. 


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