Our aluminium square tubes and connectors offer countless options for the design and implementation of various displays. The various versions of the connectors and square tubes can be assembled in many different ways. Entire shelves, product carriers, counters or table frames can be implemented with our square tube system "Construct".
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Aluminium Square Tubes - lightweight, resilient and shapely

Aluminium is a light and stable material, which is used in the construction of displays or shelves. Square or rectangular tubes offer many possibilities for the design and realisation of your designs. In combination with connectors of any kind, the most diverse constructions can be built. In addition to the high stability, the simple exterior and the light construction are important advantages of the aluminium square tubes.

The tubes with the square cross-section are extremely light and stable. When assembled with the connectors, they are extremely resilient and stable. This makes them attractive for the realisation of various designs.

They can effectively present light goods as well as provide a place for heavy objects. The simple and high-quality look of the silver anodised aluminium ensures that they can be used in all areas.

Due to the general suitability of the square tube system, it can be used in various locations. Designs, replicas or extensions can be implemented with this system. At the same time, the simple exterior serves for the implementation of displays of any kind. With the silver look, high-quality shelves for offices and entrance areas or service trolleys as well as cold frames can be realised.

In our Construct Displays category you will find ideas for the versatile use of the square tubes made of aluminium. While other displays already have certain characteristics, with the "Construct" system you have the possibility to design a model entirely according to your wishes.

First, you choose from the aluminium profiles. Various sizes and lengths are available. Perfectly matched to each other, you get the right connectors for the different variants of the square tubes. Put them together to create unique and beautifully shaped models.

Lightweight construction

High stability and resilience

Precise cuts

Shapely exterior

Aluminium Square Tube Connector: Free Design and Realisation

The basis of every "Construct" construction are the square tubes. These aluminium tubes are available in various lengths and special dimensions. Thanks to our own production, we can also cut the tubes to your requirements. This gives you even more freedom in the realisation of your designs.

In addition to the classic square tube, our range also includes tubes with a plate holder. This tube has a receptacle in which all materials can be accommodated. You can get the square tube in silver or black and in many different sizes.

In addition, it is available with different widths and for several panel holders. Despite the simple attachment, the aluminium tube offers an ideal frame in which the panel is firmly fixed.

The aluminium square tubes come with matching aluminium square tube connectors. Our "Construct" series includes a large selection of different connectors. You can get the connectors with different numbers of connections as well as with various angles. Connectors with joints are an adjustable version of the connectors.

First decide on a static or adjustable connector. First you should know how many more connections you need and in which direction they should go. Classic corner connectors, T-pieces or cross connectors are represented in the range. This is supplemented by a selection of special joint connectors, star connectors and special models.

You receive the aluminium square tube connectors in the corresponding tube dimensions. According to the dimensions of our square tubes, they are available for 13.5 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm side lengths. Furthermore, there is a choice between different colours. Most connectors are available in grey as well as in black.

The grey colour blends in with the tube colour, creating a homogeneous look. The black colour of the plastic elements, on the other hand, provides a contrast between the tubing and the connector. Choose the look that best suits your project.

Like the tubes, the plastic connectors are also lightweight, making the system extremely light and modular. Adaptations and conversions can be implemented quickly thanks to the simple fastening.

The "Construct" system is a push-fit system. This means that it can be assembled completely without tools and is therefore very easy to handle. A plastic hammer can make it easier to assemble and save your own strength.

After the model has been assembled, open ends can be plugged. The plugs prevent dirt from finding its way inside the tube and at the same time reduce the risk of injury. The cut edges of aluminium tubing can often be sharp. Soft plastic plugs offer a quick and effective solution.
Aluminium square tube shelf
Push-fit dump bin made of aluminium square profiles
Broker display made of aluminium square tube and aluminium square tube connector

One Push-fit System - Many Possibilities

All in all, the "Construct" system is not only recommended because it is easy to use. It stands out above all because of the many possibilities in the implementation of your constructions. The combination of connectors and tubes is suitable for building the most diverse displays and models. At the same time, the system appears simple and qualitative, so that it fits into any environment.

Due to the many applications of the system, the most diverse displays are realised with the help of the connectors and square tubes. The "Construct" displays can be found in shop fittings, office furnishings as well as in the private sector. It attracts attention as an attractive shelf, informative poster stand or stable table frame. There are almost no limits to your ideas when implementing "Construct" elements.

Build your own furniture according to your wishes with our practical square tube system. Consisting of aluminium square tube connectors and square tubes, the system has a minimalist touch. The assembly is uncomplicated and requires no tools. Design models entirely according to your ideas and thus ensure ideal adaptation to your area of application.
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