Cantilever Flagpole with Rotating and Hoistable Crossbar

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  • Inner, lockable cable guide
  • Tamperproofing with cylindrical lock
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Prevents the cable knocking against the mast
  • Low maintenance
  • Hoist function
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The flagpole with crossbar keeps your flag in shape, even in bad weather! So the flag remains visible from afar!

With rotating and hoistable crossbar, internal rope guide and double bearing swivel top, anti-theft device with cylinder lock, 3 cable rings, counterweight, ground sleeve.
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Variants Height off ground Item number Item No. Price
6 m 6 m 15.0208.1 760,00 €* view Article »
7 m 7 m 15.0208.2 775,00 €* view Article »
8 m 8 m 15.0208.3 930,00 €* view Article »
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