Advertising flags liven up your company right outside the door. Printed banner flags, hoist flags and cantilever flags attract more attention outdoors. With us, you can have your advertising flags printed with your desired motif.
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Inviting Outdoor Advertising Media

Due to high flagpoles, the advertising flags in the outdoor area are already noticed from some distance. In this way, you draw attention to your business from afar. The flags offer new customers good orientation so that your business is easily found.

The flags for your flagpoles can be used to advertise at heights of up to over 10 metres. For this purpose, the flags are brought into position with an easy-to-operate hoisting device. Raised to the end of the flagpole, your flag will be visible from afar. Due to the wind, the advertising flags are always in motion.

Attract the attention of potential visitors and customers with flags that are constantly in motion. Through the frequent confrontation with your logo on the advertising flags, you remain in the memory of passers-by. You can permanently advertise your company with a logo flag. Alternatively, you can opt for changing motifs.

Thanks to the easy exchange of flags, this is no problem. Use the promotional flags to draw attention to events, specific products or price reductions. Because the advertising flags are so well perceived, you should use the effect for several purposes. Discover the right flag for your flagpole.

That's why you should use Advertising Flags:

  • outdoor advertising media visible from afar
  • durable thanks to high durability
  • optimal visibility due to cantilevers and cable rings
  • extendable with LED lighting
  • customisation and printing possible

Advertising Flag Printing: Individual Motifs Possible

We offer flagpoles directly in combination with the matching advertising flag. We are also happy to supply you with the matching flag for your flagpole. You have the choice between different shapes. Are you looking for a flag with hemstitch? Would you like a printed flag with tension loops?

No matter which flag you want, we will be happy to provide it with a high-quality print. The flags can be printed all over or up to the hem. In addition to many standard sizes and shapes, we also offer customised solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can have flags printed by us for your outdoor advertising at favourable prices. Benefit from the fact that you can freely design your advertising flags. Send us the print data via our upload portal. We check your data before printing to ensure the best possible print result.

The flags are printed using digital printing or screen printing, depending on the model. Our in-house print shop ensures a high-quality print and therefore a long durability of the flags. You will receive the printed advertising flags including packaging from us.

In principle, you are free to choose the motif for the printing of the advertising flags. However, please note that the flag is often perceived from a distance. For this reason, it makes sense not to "overload" the flag with elements. Use your logo, a simple slogan or a picture motif for the presentation on the flag.

Our data sheet will help you to create the print data according to the specifications. You can download this and use it to create the print data. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help you with the advice of our experts.

No Print Data Available?

You do not have the possibility to produce your print data yourself? We would be happy to help you with the design of the desired print medium. Our in-house advertising agency will graphically implement your ideas.

We submit the draft to you for approval. If necessary, we will adapt it or send it directly to print.

Flags for your Flagpole

The advertising flags fluttering in the wind inevitably attract the attention of passers-by. As described above, they not only point out your location. At the same time, you can ensure that your logo, a brand or a product is firmly anchored in the memory. Passers-by will remember your company again and again.

With a flagpole of the appropriate height, you ensure high visibility, even from further away. Flagpoles are aluminium displays with cantilevers or cable guides. The poles are available in cylindrical design in 5 m, over 8 m up to 10 m height. A telescopic flagpole allows the height to be individually adjusted according to use.

A pole with wire guidance is equipped with a hoisting device and a hoisting wire. An external wire guide enables the advertising flags to be changed quickly. An internal, lockable wire guide prevents the well-known hitting of the wire against the pole. The anti-theft device on the flagpole protects against unauthorised access and interference with your outdoor advertising with flags.

Then there are the flagpoles with fixed or rotating cantilevers. Here, the flag remains clearly visible even when there is no wind. The outrigger means that it does not hang down flat.

Here, too, you hoist the flag with the help of internal or external wire guidance. Discover rotatable or tiltable flagpoles with optional anti-theft protection.

Banner Flags, Hoist Flags and Cantilever Flags with Print

Are you looking for the right flag for your flagpole? In our range you will find a large number of different flags that can be printed with a motif. The respective flags are available in a wide variety of sizes and also in special formats.

The advertising flags are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The flag fabrics in combination with tear-proof sewing material are characterised by a long durability. The hoist or cantilever flags are therefore used as durable advertising media in outdoor areas.

When selecting the advertising flag, you have the choice between flags with hemstitch or not. We are also able to offer additional finishing such as tension loops. Before you choose a flag for your flagpole, you must first make clear whether you have a pole with a cantilever or not.

For flagpoles with a cantilever, choose a flag with a hemstitch. Both the hemstitch and the cable guide can disappear into the hem. Cable rings are also used to keep the flag close to the pole. These loops are pulled through the holes on pole-side perforated flags.

Advertising Flags: Advertising in Wind and Weather?

Advertising flags are mainly used outdoors. Here, the high flagpoles can be erected and maximum visibility achieved. Especially car parks, company premises or public areas are often equipped with advertising flags. In front of town halls or public facilities, you will often find flags with a city logo as well as country flags.

In commercial areas, on the other hand, advertising flags with logos or slogans are common. Here, the flags can be found outside in all weathers. By embedding the aluminium flagpoles in concrete, a high degree of stability can also be provided.

In principle, the flagpoles defy strong winds. At the same time, however, it must be pointed out that the flags must be taken down in the event of announced storms or thunderstorms.

Promotional Flags and Matching Accessories

When advertising outdoors with advertising flags, there is the possibility of adapting them exactly to your needs through customisation and accessories. The corresponding accessories will help you to implement a high-quality and professional presentation of the flags. Articles such as flag weights, line rings or flag holders visually enhance your flag advertising.

Furthermore, many flag holders are available with which you can also attach advertising flags to the wall. The wall holders for the flags are available as holders for 1, 2 or 3 poles. A wall bracket can be an interesting alternative to a flagpole, especially in front of buildings or when space is limited. Within a street, flags displayed perpendicular to the course of the street are just as well perceived.

In addition to the cable rings for fixing the flag to the pole, we recommend a flag weight. This small weight at the lower end of the flag is inconspicuous, but has a great effect. It prevents the hoisting device from rattling. The additional weight keeps the flag in shape and prevents it from flying up the pole unintentionally.

LED Lighting for Advertising Flags

A particularly effective way to put your advertising flags in the best light is flagpole lighting. The LED spot with individual LED modules is attached to the pole. The flags are optimally illuminated regardless of the wind direction.

You benefit from the permanent illumination and thus constant perception of your advertising flags. Energy-saving LEDs ensure a powerful beam without dazzling passers-by or passing motorists. Equip your flagpoles with LED lighting to advertise around the clock with advertising flags.

Flags and Flagpoles in our VKF Online Shop

Advertising flags are effective advertising media for outdoor or indoor use. With the help of a flagpole with cantilever or accessories, they can be presented in an optimally visible way. In addition to deciding between a flagpole and a hoist pole, it is also important to decide whether to choose an anti-theft device. Thanks to a cylinder lock, flagpoles are only accessible to personnel equipped with a key.

Set up one flagpole on your premises or decide to display several flags. This way, you can create an entire moving advertising space by presenting motifs with several advertising flags. We offer high-quality printed flags for your flagpole. Brilliant colours with very good light fastness favour the wide visibility of the advertising motifs.

Choose a classic country flag, a flag system for lampposts or an outdoor advertising flag. These are printed using digital printing or screen printing and assembled according to your wishes. Can't find the right product in our online shop? We will be happy to help you find the right advertising flag for your flagpole and your company.
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