Digital door signs for offices, seminar rooms and more

Digital door signs for your conference room

With the help of digital door signs, labels and information can be updated and managed at any time. They allow the fully graphic display of room assignments for conference rooms, treatment and patient rooms or offices. The central administration of the electronic door signs is done via radio using a router.

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Secure data transmission

Individual design of door signs

Central control and monitoring


Updated at any time and easily managed

Conventional door signs are usually in permanent use. The signs are usually printed so that changes are not possible. A model with paper inserts ensures that changes can be implemented, but these are time-consuming and tedious. Checking that notices and inserts are up to date becomes sheer drudgery.

Digital door signs represent the modern and advantageous alternative to classic door signs. They are beautifully designed signs that are equipped with a modern display. The display allows the fully graphic representation of room assignments. The content can be updated at any time via digital signage software.

Thanks to the innovative e-paper displays, the digital door signs consume very little power. Thanks to the central administration and the long service life of the models, the operating costs are extremely low. Changes can be made and content adapted at any time via the software. In this way, you can control the displays of the various signs from the comfort of your desk.

With the help of digital solutions for your room signage, you can ensure that information is always up to date. In addition, the signs can serve as orientation aids for employees and customers. The occupancy of seminar rooms can be seen by your staff even before they pass through the room. In this way, you create transparency and orientation in your business, practice or office.

For customers, visitors or patients, the signs serve as an orientation aid. Especially in large companies or hospitals, it is easy to lose track of things. A high-quality, modern and uniform signage is gratefully accepted and ensures a lasting impression.

Digital Door Signs for Hotels

In the hotel industry, the signs offer many possibilities in the area of guest services. Not only can conference rooms be individually labelled. You can also send hotel guests individual greetings on your door sign. Wish them a nice sunny day, a safe journey home or draw their attention to the evening menu.

The uncomplicated design of the signs makes individual greetings or daily messages quickly realisable. Thanks to the central administration, these are transmitted quickly. This is how you put a smile on your guests' faces every day!

Moderne und dekorative Orientierungshilfe

Die hochauflösende E-Ink Technologie der Labels ermöglicht eine ansprechende Gestaltung Ihrer Türschilder. Online können Sie die Anzeige frei gestalten. Dabei stehen Ihnen die Farben rot, weiß und schwarz zur Verfügung. Neben der freien Gestaltung ist auch die Ausstattung mit QR-Codes oder Barcodes möglich.

Durch die Ausstattung mit zusätzlichen Elementen laden Sie die Besucher Ihrer Einrichtung zur Interaktion mit den digitalen Türschildern ein. Auf diese Weise lassen sich zusätzliche Infos, Angebote oder Programme übermitteln. Die Drag-and-Drop Software erleichtert Ihnen die kreative Gestaltung der Displays. Fügen Sie Texte, Barcodes, Grafiken und mehr hinzu!

Sobald Sie das „Design“ erstmalig erstellt haben, können Sie es digital an die Türschilder übermitteln. Diese Datenübertragung kann unmittelbar oder zeitgesteuert stattfinden. Änderungen können Sie jederzeit vornehmen und entweder sofort oder zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt übertragen. Unser System sorgt für eine sichere Datenübertragung via Funkfrequenz. Während die Datenübertragung via Funk erfolgt, muss der zuständige Router via Ethernet angeschlossen sein.
Data transmission for digital door labels from troniTAG
Digital room signage not only takes place through secure transmission, but also ensures a modern appearance. Both the display of the signs and the signs themselves can be visually designed. We tailor both the mounting and the appearance of the signs to your wishes.

You can choose between simple screw fastening, high-quality mounting with spacers or a simple metal frame. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive manufacturing options, there are virtually no limits to the implementation of individual solutions.

Long-term high-quality signage

Digital door signs are elements of your business or office equipment that can be used in the long term. They support internal and external communication by creating transparency and orientation. Especially in modern companies, this sustainable type of room signage is used more and more often. Equip your meeting rooms, seminars or conference rooms with the individual solutions of our subsidiary troniTAg!

In addition to the wall mounting option, there are many other mounting solutions to choose from. For example, the models are not only used as door signs. The electronic labels can also be used as table displays or digital nameplates. Convince yourself of the many advantages of digital room signage.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us advise you personally! Discover the modern door signs also for your seminar and conference rooms or treatment rooms.

Digital door signs from subsidiary troniTAG

The company troniTAG is your competent full-service partner for the integration of digital signs. Our team has many years of experience in the field of sales promotion. We analyse the individual requirements of our customers and offer customised solutions.

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