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Digital service for business customers

Digitisation continues to make inroads - as it does at VKF Renzel. For business customers there are the following opportunities:

1. Exchange of documents via an ERP interface (enterprise resource planning)

EDI connection
  • electronic exchange of orders (ORDERS), delivery notes (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC) without manual intervention / economical from a document volume of 500 per year
  • coupling of merchandise management systems for efficient data transfer
  • transmission channels: x400 / AS2

2. Creation and exchange of data for digital catalogues

We can provide you with structured product data that can be integrated into your system. BMECat is a standardised exchange format based on XML and specially designed for the B2B sector. BMECat optimises product data management and serves as the basis for a smooth exchange of data along the supply chain.
  • XML-based standardised exchange format for catalogue data in the B2B sector
  • for a quick adaptation of complex products and different product groups
  • for a quick and easy implementation of our product data into your merchandise management system
  • supplemented by eCl@ss version 7.1
  • available BMECat versions: 2005, 1.2
Our products are categorised according to eCl@ss 7.1. Your advantage is that you can fall back on standardised product classes and product data.
  • the only worldwide data standard for products
  • for a standardised and uniform exchange of information
  • advantage: Effective handling of procurement
  • version 7.1 (mapping to other releases possible)

3. Online shop in the PrivateSales principle

For your network, your franchise partners or branches. In addition to our online shop, we offer the possibility of an own online shop with your individually branded articles.
  • access protected shop with release process
  • own product range
  • individual pricing
  • user rights
  • budgeting functions
  • direct data link to VKF's ERP system; direct order processing

OCI Interface

We offer an OCI interface (OCI Standard Version 5.0) with which shopping baskets can be transferred directly into ERP systems.
The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is an open and standardised catalogue data interface for exchanging catalogue data records between ERP systems and any other catalogues.
Users can directly access our current catalogue data in the online shop via the Internet. Once the shopping basket has been filled, the next step is to transfer the items in the basket back to the ERP system, where the order is finalised.

4. Product Range at Unite (Mercateo)

You can purchase our products from Unite (Mercateo). To do this, activate our BusinessShop. You will have access to a large number of standard articles. The entire range, including customised items, is only available at vkf-renzel.de.
  • Access to a wide range of standard articles
  • Single-creditor model
  • Individual prices can be mapped
  • Digitally map purchasing processes through to accounting
  • Standardised order processing
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