Dog waste bag dispensers enable the proper and lawful disposal of dog waste. In combination with a waste bin, they certainly ensure that the bags also end up in the waste bin. We offer suitable and even compostable dog waste bags. Discover the dog waste bag dispensers for wall or pipe mounting outdoors.
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Dog Waste Bag Dispenser: Discover Dog Waste Bags and Dispensers Online

An increasing number of dogs also ensures an increasing amount of dog excrement. Especially in urban areas, the disposal of dog excrement is often a contentious issue. So it should not happen that the excrement lies on the street as a tripping hazard. With dog waste bags and dispensers, you establish the proper disposal of dog excrement in outdoor areas.

As a city, hotel or outdoor facility owner, you can easily set up the various displays in the outdoor area. Attach the dispensers to the wall or lanterns. The central placement of the displays ensures that the offer is well received and disposed of accordingly.

Excrement Bag Dispenser for your Outdoor Use

The robust dog waste bag dispensers are easy to attach at the point of use. Displayed on the pavement, dog owners take notice of them. Dog waste bags can be easily removed from the dispenser. A triangular lock on the dog waste bag dispenser protects against the theft of the dog waste bags.

In this way, you avoid empty dispensers and additional costs for the purchase of new waste bags. We also recommend combining waste bag dispensers with waste collectors. This is the only way to ensure that the waste bags actually end up in the rubbish.

Place the sets of dog excrement bag dispensers and waste bins at several places along the path. This way, dog owners have the necessary bags available at various places when walking their dogs. This way, there is no longer any possible excuse why dog excrement is not removed.

When Waste Bag Dispensers are installed - Inform Residents Now

Publicise the installation of the dog waste bag dispensers through newspaper articles or posts. Use the reach on social networks to inform a large number of people.

  • easy filling of the dog waste bag stands
  • large capacity reduces the number of changes
  • inner insert for the storage of dog excrement bags
  • choice between normal or ecological dog waste bags
  • available in combination with waste bin or ashtray
  • for wall or pipe mounting
  • well-maintained outdoor areas and walking paths
  • satisfied residents and dog owners
  • enable a combination of dog-friendliness and cleanliness

Proper Disposal of Dog Excrement

Dog excrement belongs in the residual waste. The excrement of animals, especially carnivorous ones, can contain various bacteria and should be disposed of properly. In our range you will find various dog excrement bags as suitable accessories for your dog waste bin. These are plastic bags measuring 200 x 350 mm.

Of course, plastic dog waste bags are not degradable and therefore not particularly environmentally friendly. As an alternative, we offer compostable dog excrement bags according to EN 13432 (European standard). These bags are made from natural raw materials and are therefore more sustainable than plastic bags.

Stainless Steel Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

You can get the waste bag dispensers in our assortment in different materials. Choose a dispenser in the typical moss green. In addition, we offer you the robust steel displays in micaceous iron ore or stainless steel.

The stainless steel surface is resistant to rust or acids. This prevents corrosion and abrasion caused by daily use. There is room for about 200 dog waste bags inside the dog waste bin. Filling with new bags is done within a very short time.

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser for the Wall

By using wall dispensers for dog waste bags, you set the course for a clean and well-kept outdoor area. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor area that people like to visit. The capacity of the dispensers ensures a large quantity of dog waste bags in the dog waste bag dispenser.

Ensure that the dispensers are centrally located and that there are enough of them in the outdoor area. This is the only way to ensure the maximum effect of the dog waste bag dispensers. As an operator of outdoor facilities or a city, you remain dog-friendly and at the same time ensure the necessary cleanliness.

Dog Waste Bin + Ashtray + Litter Bin

The dog waste bin is only available as a waste bag dispenser or with an extension. With a waste bin, you combine the dispensing of excrement bags with the possibility of waste disposal. You can also get the various dog waste bag dispensers in combination with an ashtray. By extension, they not only serve the proper disposal of dog excrement.

A proper waste disposal in the outdoor area ensures a tidy appearance and high-quality image. In addition, you can increase the satisfaction of residents, citizens or guests. Discover the different litter bins for your outdoor or park area.
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