Flyer dispensers are available in all common DIN formats, with one or more compartments, as wall or free-standing versions and in portrait or landscape format. 
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Presenting Flyers in an Attractive Way

Your flyers and print media are beautifully presented with an attractive flyer stand. No matter what type it is, your customer will immediately get a good overview of your leaflets. Thanks to the subdivision into compartments, even larger quantities can be presented attractively without losing clarity.

Our brochure stands are made of sturdy acrylic or polystyrene. Their simple design forms a decorative frame without distracting from your advertising. The unobtrusive design makes them versatile for use in sales rooms, on trade fair stands and at receptions.

They fit harmoniously into any room concept. All tabletop leaflet holders have a crystal-clear finish so that visitors can get a direct first impression of the leaflets on display. The flyer stands can be placed upright or mounted on the wall.

  • available in various formats
  • special shape of the flyer stands prevents the advertising material from tipping over
  • for placement on tables, counters or shelves
  • easy removal of the various flyers
  • visually high-quality presentation of your print media
  • available in landscape or portrait format

Space-saving Presentation on Table and Counter

We offer various flyer dispensers for the presentation of advertising flyers and brochures. With us you will find single and multi-section stands, including expandable systems. By connecting several stands, you can create an individual presentation system with our leaflet holders.

Our promotional stands are available in both landscape and portrait format and fit flyers up to A4 size. Many table stands can also be mounted on the wall. We particularly recommend our high-quality table stands made of acrylic glass in a modern zigzag design. Instead of simply placing your print media next to each other, you can present up to four different brochures diagonally offset.

Flyer Dispenser for DIN long, DIN A6, DIN A5 and more

The flyer stands offer space not only for flyers but also for other print media. They are available in various DIN formats, from DIN long to DIN A4. The stands can accommodate foldable, double-sided or single-printed flyers.

Especially when used on counters, it is clear that customers mainly take the flyers from the front compartments. This gives you the opportunity to bring certain flyers into focus through targeted placement.

It is important to pay attention to how many flyers are in the stand. One way to avoid leaving customers disappointed is to use a laminated insert with a QR code. Assuming you want to draw attention to a particular product or programme - place a QR code with a direct link to your app or online shop in the relevant compartment.

Single or Multi-Section Stands

Do you want to make the most of your attractive counter space and present different flyers? Then we recommend using a flyer stand with several compartments. You can display different print media in these compartments, as they all have the same DIN format.

You have the option of either presenting the same flyer several times or different flyers in one display. Thanks to the offset compartments of the multiple stand, customers can easily see the titles of the flyers. This makes the diverse range of products quickly visible and invites them to browse.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a side or rear presentation of the flyers. Our selection includes flyer stands with up to 6 compartments. Find the right stand for your counter and use it optimally for your purposes.
Table Leaflet Stand Flexible 4362

Flyer Stands for Every Industry

In almost every industry, print media is used to promote sales, whether in travel agencies, banks or hotels. Our decorative flyer stands provide the ideal setting for your print media and fit discreetly into any environment.

Use the stands as information stands in public facilities to present advertising brochures attractively or to display mini-catalogues in an appealing way. Our robust brochure stands are also ideal at trade fairs and markets. Thanks to the transparent material, the title pages of the flyers remain clearly visible.

Find the right flyer stands now and present your print media clearly in a small space. Decide for yourself whether you want to display one or more flyers per display. There is even room for flyers in different languages in a multiple stand - perfect for hotels or tour operators.

The high-quality presentation of your flyers is also reflected in the external image of your company. The way you present your flyers is just as important as your general internal and external company presentation. Select high-quality displays to represent your business professionally. We supply you with the right flyer stands for an appealing outfit for your company.

Display for Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are an important advertising tool for companies as they provide customers with valuable information and current offers. To appeal to potential customers, an attractive presentation is essential. Decorative flyer stands provide the perfect setting and allow a good overview of your print media.

Our flyer stands can be used for different formats of print media. Whether DIN long, DIN A5 or other formats - our stands display your flyers optimally. The inclined shape of the stands also ensures a comfortable reading angle. The transparent displays can be easily set up at the point of sale, at the reception or at trade fairs.
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