Folding rules are undoubtedly one of the classics among promotional items and are often supplied with your own logo or advertising imprint - a special highlight not only for DIY enthusiasts. Folding rulers as promotional gifts with logo printing are of interest to a wide variety of customers and business partners - after all, everyone can use the practical folding rulers. Folding rules are available in different qualities such as wood and plastic as well as in various colour combinations and lengths.

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Take your measure - with our online range of folding rules

It doesn't matter whether it's the original Swedish metre, a colourful beechwood wooden folding rule or a dainty mini folding rule. The folding rule is an extremely popular and versatile promotional item that is used often and with pleasure - regardless of whether it's a large company, a small office or a private household. With a folding rule as a promotional item, you can ensure that many customers and business partners are delighted.

Folding rulers as advertising material with individual print

With us you have the possibility to have the folding rule of your choice printed and thus create an individual advertising medium. The XL folding rule with articulated plates is a
wooden folding rule made of beech wood with a total length of 3 metres, divided into 15 links. With a high-quality protective lacquer, the large advertising space can be ideally used for an individual print. The original Swedish metre is a classic among folding rules, made of North Swedish moor birch. The flexible joints are made of Swedish steel and the links are connected in a concealed manner. With a length of 2 metres divided into 10 links, the invisible riveting ensures perfect readability of the scale. You might also opt for the "700 Series" folding rule - a high-quality beechwood folding rule with close-fitting links that ensure a large advertising space. This 2 m long folding rule is available in white and can be printed on both sides.

Folding rule models in many lengths

Use our online offer to conveniently have the folding rule of your choice printed. Find out about the possibilities of the individual folding ruler models and then decide how your new folding ruler advertising material should look and be designed.
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