Hygiene Station "Sensor Performance"

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  • hand disinfection for large groups of people and highly frequented areas
  • contactless operation by ultrasonic sensor
  • operation from 4 sides possible
  • lockable housing made of silver anodised aluminium for long-term use
  • setting by means of touch screen display
  • bilingual menu navigation (German & English)
  • mobile use with high stability
  • optional operation by power supply unit or rechargeable battery
  • coloured & adjustable LED illumination optionally available
  • individual labeling optionally available
  • exclusively suitable for liquid, alcohol-free disinfectant on sodium hypochlorite basis (no gel)
  • capacity of the device up to 20l canister and therefore more than 6600 disinfections possible (at 3ml per disinfection process)
  • incl. 10 l canister disinfectant on sodium hypochlorite basis (no hazardous goods!)
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Our contactless hygiene station "Sensor-Performance" for indoor use is ideally suited for use in highly frequented areas such as supermarkets, trade fairs, stadiums, festivals... as well as all public areas such as airports, offices, schools, government facilities, etc.

Hand disinfection of large groups of people can be easily carried out with this hygiene station controlled by an ultrasonic sensor.

This contactless high-performance disinfection dispenser can hold canisters with a volume of up to 20 litres. This large-volume canister reduces necessary refills and service work to a minimum. The hygiene station is supplied ex works with a 10 litre canister of Oxylythe disinfectant. In contrast to conventional alcohol-based disinfectants, Oxylythe disinfectant consists of approx. 99 % water and approx. 1 % salts and hypochlorous acid. Since alcohol is completely omitted from the composition, the product is not subject to any hazardous goods class and is therefore non-flammable. With 10 litres of disinfectant, more than 3300 people can be served at a dosage of 3 ml. The built-in pump unit has a proven capacity of over 1 million pump strokes and can be easily replaced in case of wear. The bilingual menu navigation (German and English) enables a user-friendly setting of the dosage by means of a touch screen display. Furthermore, the display provides detailed information on the operating times, the number of doses etc.
The hygiene station has a total height of approx. 1625 mm and is made throughout of high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic for long-term use. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology used, hygienic and contactless dispensing of hand disinfectant is guaranteed at all times. Touching is therefore unnecessary. Simply hold your hands under the sensor and your hands are moistened with disinfectant. This hygiene station is accessible from all four sides, so the "Sensor-Performance" guarantees professional and hygienic use in your application area at all times. By means of a sack truck, the high-performance disinfection dispenser can be transported and used flexibly.

The dispenser with lockable aluminium housing is available in different versions. You can choose between a mains-operated and a battery-operated version. In addition, both versions are optionally available with coloured and adjustable LED lighting. At dusk and in dark rooms, the LED lighting emphasises your message and effectively points out the possibility of hand disinfection. Retrofitting the LED lighting or a rechargeable battery is not possible after delivery of the goods.

The hygiene station is delivered assembled. A canister with 10 litres of disinfectant is already included in the delivery, so the station is ready for use immediately. If the disinfectant is used up, you can easily reorder it in our webshop. The system is only suitable for liquid, alcohol-free disinfectants.

On request, we will be happy to plot or print the hygiene station with your logo or slogan in our in-house print shop. Refine your high-performance disinfection column with an exclusive logo or print!
50-0363-5 Hygienestation „Sensor-Performance Accu & LED“


50-0363-5 Hygiene Station Sensor Performance


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Variants Power supply Illumination Item number Item No. Price
power plug without illumination power plug
without illumination
50.0363.1 1.375,00 €* view Article »
power plug LED lighting power plug
LED lighting
50.0363.3 1.445,00 €* view Article »
22Ah battery without illumination 22Ah battery
without illumination
50.0363.4 1.550,00 €* view Article »
22Ah battery LED lighting 22Ah battery
LED lighting
50.0363.5 1.620,00 €* view Article »
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