With a disinfection stand or hygiene station, you offer passers-by a great service. Employees, customers and visitors gratefully accept the disinfection stands in the different areas. On the road, you come into contact with many external influences. A dispenser in combination with a high-quality disinfectant ensures the inactivation of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Setting up a disinfection stand helps to establish a certain standard of hygiene. By doing so, you induce more hygiene and safety in your business. Create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for customers and employees. Discover the various mobile and attractive solutions now.
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Closer Customer Loyalty through Hygiene Standards

Hygiene plays a role in many different industries. Not only goods, products and company equipment benefit from cleanliness. Employees enjoy a well-kept workplace and find themselves in a pleasant working atmosphere. Cleanliness is not only important within the company.

In terms of external impact, you score points with customers in particular through a clean and thus pleasant shopping atmosphere. Hygienic standards in shops, pubs or facilities are often met with increased trust. This naturally results in closer customer loyalty and a positive effect on your sales promotion.

Due to their high popularity, disinfectant dispensers are used in various industries and businesses. Different solutions for attaching the dispenser ensure different designs. Due to the different equipment, the models can also be used as an advertising medium or information display stand.

You can use our hygiene stations in the entrance area, in the changing room, in front of toilets or in meeting rooms. Positioned at the entrance, you let customers enter your shop with a feeling of freshness. Don't give viruses and bacteria a chance to spread.


The disinfection stands are mainly used in the following industries:

Medicine & Health

Public Facilities



Effective Hygiene for all Industries

We offer various types of hygiene stations in our online range. As a rule, they are shapely floor stands that can be quickly placed at the place of use. There are floor stands with automatic sensor, with lever or pump device.
Our hygiene stations have a stable stand. This allows you to place them in any company or entrance area. The high-quality design of the disinfection stands enhances the premises and supports an upscale style of furnishing. At the same time, you draw the attention of your public to the possibility of disinfection.

The disinfection posts can be seen from afar and attract the attention of passers-by. With an additional information display, a click frame or a digital display, disinfection can also be indicated. The various disinfection stands differ from each other in decisive criteria.
Disinfection stand with indication for hand disinfection

While the automatic sensor enables contactless disinfection, manual products still require a lever to be operated. With the manual version, the user decides on the dosage of the disinfectant himself.

Bacteria previously picked up via the lever can be inactivated directly by an efficient disinfectant. Please note the ingredients and hazard warnings for the various disinfectants. Among the disinfectants, there are bactericides as well as virucides, which even inactivate non-enveloped viruses.

With an automatic device, the dosage of the agent can be set in advance. In most cases, a small amount of disinfectant is sufficient. When disinfecting the hands, it is important that the entire skin is covered with the disinfectant. Afterwards, the skin feels fresh and pleasant again.

Upgrading your Shop Fittings and Business Equipment

A quality disinfection stand not only ensures better hygiene and offers a great service for your customers. It also fits in perfectly with your furnishings. With its simple and sterile appearance, it not only blends in with its surroundings. At the same time, it also enhances them.

The various columns can be easily placed at any position in your business. Next to the door, the cash desk area or in the toilet area are optimally placed. In busy areas, the floor stands are a relief for many visitors.

Your visitors, customers or patients welcome the stands in a big way. Hand sanitising gives people a sense of security and calmness. Exactly what is needed for a shopping spree. In this form, a hygiene station can have a positive effect on your sales promotion.

Strengthen your customers' trust in your business. Setting up a hygiene station can help prevent infections during waves of illness. In this way, you show interest in the well-being of your customers and secure a unique selling point.

Enjoy the various advantages of the disinfection units with little effort. First fill the station with the disinfectant. For models with an automatic sensor, you can define the dosing quantity at this point. After that, the unit is ready for use and is set up at the place of use.

Thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery or battery operation, you rarely have to take care of the column. Spare rechargeable batteries and batteries in reserve enable uninterrupted use. Strengthening customer loyalty and establishing hygiene standards has never been easier.

Decide on the disinfection stand or hygiene station of your choice. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise. Be inspired by our product selection and discover the right one for your shop fittings.
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