Iso Drink "Light" in the Can

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  • Refreshing isotonic drink with grapefruit-lemon flavour
  • Low in calories, enriched with vitamins
  • Wonderfully refreshing in summer
  • Ideal for exhibitions, events or conferences
  • Incl. 4c printed sleeve in white or transparent
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Discover the refreshing "Iso Drink Light"! This isotonic soft drink delights with its tangy grapefruit-lemon flavour and is wonderfully low in calories. Enriched with vitamins, it also provides important nutrients for your body.

Filled in a silver aluminium can, which is individually printed with white or transparent sleeve film, the "Iso Drink Light" is the perfect companion for exhibitions, events and conferences.

The deposit of €0.25 per can can be easily redeemed wherever cans are sold. So refreshment tastes twice as good!


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