A lockable key box can be found in many commercial establishments. The key boxes facilitate the storage, issue or return of keys. Choose from key safes with coding, combination lock or rotary knob.
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Keys stored safely

by combination or cylinder lock

different sizes

available for 8 or up to 72 keys

Keys can be found quickly

thanks to the order and colour system

Key Safes for up to 72 keys

There is room for various keys in the key safes. The various keys can be neatly lined up in the box. The key clips are labelled accordingly so that the key you are looking for can be found quickly. Place the boxes in central locations at the workplace so that they are easily accessible for selected people.

There is room for up to 72 keys inside the Key Boxes. Of course, the boxes are also available in smaller versions. It is also possible to equip the boxes with additional boards with hooks. In this way, you can modularly increase the number of keys stored.

Our robust key boxes for the wall are easy to assemble. Equipped with a rotary or combination lock, the security of the keys is ensured. Discover our key boxes for 8 to 72 keys. Use them in the entrance area, in the workshop, in the hotel or in the warehouse.

By restricting the distribution of the code or key for the key safe, you restrict access. With the key box, the necessary keys are quickly accessible to employees. This can be especially the case in emergencies or when certain people are absent. Facilitate certain work processes in locked areas by posting key boxes.

Contactless Key Issue and Return

  • send the code or pass it on → Easy removal of the required keys from the Key Box with combination lock
  • Opening in the lid as well as collection tray → Keys to be handed in are simply thrown in
  • ideal for hotels, landlords or out-of-hours returns

Individually adjustable Combination Lock

Let's say an employee needs the key to access a certain warehouse. Instead of having to run to the supervisor or the head office, he simply goes to the centrally located key cabinet. This saves time that would otherwise be lost searching for the key. It also makes the key accessible around the clock and during different shifts.

With key safes, you have the choice between a combination lock or a cylinder lock. With a key box with a cylinder lock, you again have to give your own key for the box to employees. Of course, you can place this somewhere, but this again makes the key box accessible to almost all employees.

A combination lock with a code makes it possible to limit the number of people who have access to the box. At the same time, one key does not have to be issued to all employees. From time to time, you can change the individually adjustable code to prevent unauthorised access. This ensures more security when handling the keys in your company.

Suitable for Key Clips and other Key Fobs

A key box with combination lock offers the possibility to store different keys centrally and securely. It combines the aspect of security with central availability of the keys when they are needed. Both colour sorting and good labelling ensure that the keys can be found quickly in the key box.

In the key safes you will find individual hooks to which the respective keys are attached. By sorting them in a certain order, you know the position of the key you are looking for. However, identical key fobs or shapes make it difficult to distinguish between the different keys. The keys are uniquely distinguished by a colour and numbering system.

For the implementation of such a system, we offer you the Key Clips in different colours. These key clips are perfect for hanging in the key box. It is a coordinated system. The clip is available in 5 colours and can also be labelled.

There is room for number plates, room numbers, company names and other designations on the protected tags. The right key for the car, the corresponding golf cart or the warehouse you are looking for can now be found within seconds.

Key Safe for Your Business

In many areas, the daily handling as well as the issuing or return of keys plays a major role. The practical key boxes are therefore used in a wide variety of trades. They ensure more order and, above all, increased security thanks to the corresponding lock on the key safe.

You can choose between individually adjustable code or cylinder lock. We will be happy to supply you with the matching key clips for even more order in your key box for the wall. Discover the different key boxes for wall mounting. Place your trust in security and clarity when storing your keys.
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