LED Light Frame "Simple", single-sided

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  • different sizes available, can be used portrait or landscape
  • simple poster change with clamp profile
  • LEDs and acrylic diffuser for homogeneous backlighting
  • high-quality, silver anodised frame
  • especially flat design
  • printed inlay on request
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The elegant, silver anodised aluminium frame with LED backlit surface is the perfect frame for your advertising poster.

Select the desired size of our promotional "LED" light frames and mount it in portrait or landscape format with the included hooks.
Your advertising message will leave a lasting impression on your customers as it is backlit homogeneously. The rear acrylic diffuser ensures an even distribution of light.
Your poster will be protected by a PET cover. The proven click frame technology eases the exchange of your advertising media.

Modern and eye-catching, in darkness you direct the views of passing people to your store window. Even in dimly lit hallways and exhibition halls, the illuminated frame delivers your message to potential cuustomers. As equipped with a space-saving frame depth of only 18 mm, even narrow staircases are predestined for the "Simple" light frame.

Use the "Simple" LED light frame in a variety of ways. Advertise for a new cosmetics line, the current cinema film or the next event.
The display with special luminosity is powered by a cable attached on the bottom. With a cable length of 3.5 meters, the power supply can easily be routed to the nearest power outlet. This is how you switch the light frame on and off.

We will gladly provide you with a suitable advertising print on request. This is not included in the display.


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Variants Insert size Item number Item No. Price
A4 A4 10.0430.2 67,50 €* view Article »
A3 A3 10.0430.1 80,00 €* view Article »
A2 A2 10.0430.3 105,00 €* view Article »
A1 A1 10.0430.4 153,80 €* view Article »
A0 A0 10.0430.5 233,80 €* view Article »
B2 B2 10.0430.6 131,30 €* view Article »
B1 B1 10.0430.7 218,80 €* view Article »
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