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Polar® Name Badges - Discover the Classics

The classic name badge in the online all-inclusive package - you receive the name badge including printing. Depending on the place of use, you decide on one of the fastening options.

Our name badges of the Polar® brand

  • The design of the classic Polar® name tag "Balance" has a harmonious effect due to the curved surface. Your insert can be changed at any time and is protected by an acrylic viewing panel.
  • The "Balance Alu-Print" name badge from Polar® is made of durable plastic or metallised plastic (depending on the version). The individualisation of the name tag by printing on the front panel is included in the price. Here, too, the inlay can be replaced at any time and reordered from us.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality name badge without a paper insert, the "Balance Alu-Complete" name badge is the answer. This name badge is also made of durable plastic or metallised plastic (depending on the version). You will receive the name badge with a printed front plate - the ancillary printing costs are already included in the price. Individual names can also be printed on request.

Promotes customer loyalty

Various fixings possible

Versatile and flexible use

High quality name badges for your next public appearance

Name badges are indispensable at trade fairs, in shops, in the catering trade and in many other areas. By wearing them, your staff show themselves on the one hand as a contact person for customers and interested parties. On the other hand, the name of the employee is directly recognisable.

In this way, contact hurdles are bridged and communication is facilitated. These aspects are of benefit in classical consulting in retail, at trade fairs and in many other areas. Especially the contact and relationship with customers can be improved and made easier in this way.

Wearing a name tag is not restrictive in any way. Thanks to the high-quality fastening, the badge stays in place all day. This means that long trade fair days or the normal working day can take place without restriction. You can choose between a pin or a magnet for the type of fastening.

With the help of the needle or magnet, the name tag is attached to the top in no time at all. For thicker tops or jackets, a particularly strong magnet is recommended. This is also available as a fastener in the online shop. Name badges with magnets are therefore also suitable for thick clothing.

Not only the attachment of the badge is quick and easy. Paper inserts can be easily replaced at any time. The name badges are therefore flexible and can be used again and again. With Polar® name badges, the paper insert is pushed in from below and transparent acrylic protects it from dirt.

A durable and high-quality alternative to the insert is printing on the item. Here, the sign is labelled with an exclusive print. The article "Balance Alu-Print" is a combination of insert and permanent print. The sign can be printed with the logo, for example, and the employee's name can be exchanged via the paper insert.

Choose the classic Polar® name badges now and make your corporate image perfect. The small articles accompany you professionally in your everyday life, at appointments or at trade fairs. The badge can be stowed in any work or jacket pocket and is always with you.

Choose the right classic for your business now. Equip your employees, sales representatives and temporary staff uniformly and professionally. Within a very short time, you will notice how customers pay attention to the signs and make use of them. Take your business equipment to the next level with high-quality and stylish Polar® brand name badges.

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