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No Unauthorised Access Sign, round


Specification DIN EN ISO 7010

Product Description

Use this sign to ensure general safety at work and risk points.

Forbid access by unauthorized people to certain areas with internationally understandable symbols.

Identify danger zones efficiently according to ASR A1.3 and DIN 4844-2: 2012.


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Variants Material Diameter Item number Item No. Price      
embossed aluminium 315 mm embossed aluminium
315 mm
12.0443.21 13,75 €* view Article »
self-adhesive foil 315 mm self-adhesive foil
315 mm
12.0443.22 9,75 €* view Article »
embossed aluminium 400 mm embossed aluminium
400 mm
12.0443.23 22,40 €* view Article »
film 200 mm film
200 mm
12.0606.28 5,69 €* view Article »
film 100 mm film
100 mm
12.0606.29 2,38 €* view Article »
aluminium 200 mm aluminium
200 mm
12.0606.30 7,31 €* view Article »
aluminium 100 mm aluminium
100 mm
12.0606.31 4,25 €* view Article »
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