Shelf Edge Strips made of PET

The versatile shelf edge strips can be used for labelling at the PoS or in the warehouse area. Placed directly under the product, customers and employees receive the most important information at a glance. Our product range includes shelf edge strips for various shelf types and individual applications. We are expanding our existing range of shelf edge strips to include the material PET. The range is currently under construction. In the following we will already show you the first variants.

The first variants as an introduction to the PET range

With the shelf edge strip "DBRU" we offer you the first shelf edge strip made of PET in our range. It has a classic look and is clearly visible for the customer. This model is available in 3 different insertion heights (30 mm, 39 mm, 52 mm) as well as in completely transparent or with white back. The rail is delivered with an adhesive tape for a long-lasting fastening. Choose between fleece, foam and textile adhesive tape. A characteristic of PET includes high UV protection, which makes the shelf edge strips particularly durable. The highly transparent cover offers a clear view of the price labels in the long term.

shelf edge strip "DBRU"

Scannerschiene DBRU
Scannerschiene GS
Furthermore, the shelf edge strip "GS" is part of our range of shelf edge strips made of PET. This rail is already equipped with a fleece adhesive tape and is attached on the backside underneath another shelf edge strip, thus extending or doubling the area for price labelling. The shelf edge strip can also be attached to the back of the shelf. This rail also has a further feature. It can be pivoted. This version is available in 3 different insertion heights (39 mm, 52 mm, 60 mm) and in completely transparent or with white back. On request, the rail can also be equipped with a foam adhesive tape. The general characteristics, in the form of high UV protection and high transparency, are also found in this article.

shelf edge strip "GS"
We now offer PET as a supplementary material in addition to the classic shelf edge strips. This enables us to cover the wide range of demand for shelf edge strips for different types of shelves and in different materials. By expanding our product range, we are also increasing our capabilities in the production of shelf edge strips and enable you to choose from a variety of high-quality materials. With the expansion of the range we strive to offer every customer the right profile for his area of application. Are you already interested in further designs? Please send us your enquiry.

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