Polo shirts with print are suitable for uniform outfitting of your employees as well as attractive promotional items for your customers. Design the polo shirt of your choice now!
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Use textiles as workwear or promotional items

Equipped with an attractive print or a high-quality embroidery, the polo shirts attract a lot of attention. With us, you can have the shirts printed in the selected colour using various techniques. In addition to the various printing methods, there are other options available for finishing.

Personalised polo shirts serve as workwear, advertising material or team wear. The uniform clothing makes it possible for companies to present themselves professionally. So-called team shirts are often used at events or functions to show that a company belongs to a group. Even from a distance, staff or members can be recognised by a large-area or multi-coloured print.

As a promotional item, it inspires your customers and they can also be identified as a satisfied customer from afar. In this way, the polo shirt with logo serves not only as a promotional gift, but also as a mobile advertising medium. Satisfied customers thus advertise for new customers.

The polo as such can be found in every wardrobe. Women, children and men all enjoy wearing this classic garment. In short-sleeved or long-sleeved versions, the garments are part of the basic equipment in the wardrobe. Men's or women's shirts in striking or dignified colours can be worn on any occasion.

The texture of the polo shirts ensures a long-lasting, comfortable feeling. Awarded Oeko Tex certification, the organic cotton material is popular with employees and customers. Different cuts, lengths and a wide range of sizes offer the right fit for everyone.

The pleasant wearing experience and the choice of fit are complemented by a comfortable and soft collar. This is made of ribbed embroidery and has a button placket. This placket is usually two or three rows. It has tone-on-tone buttons that perfectly match your colour choice.

You can get the various textile items in figure-hugging and short as well as longer cuts. You get sizes for adults from XS to 5XL in our online shop. Choose your favourite shirt and we will deliver the matching sizes!
Damen Poloshirt in der Farbe navy
Shirts bedrucken lassen auf verschiedene Untergrundfarben
Olive farbene Poloshirts bedrucken

Finishing with print or embroidery on your textiles

As already described above, printed polo shirts enjoy particularly high attention and popularity. They draw attention to your customers, members or employees from afar. On the one hand, this makes it easier to recognise employees in the shop, in the practice and at events. On the other hand, printed textiles are a great way to strengthen customer loyalty.

Various printing methods are used for printing your T-shirts. In addition to screen printing and digital printing, flexographic printing with its high colour brilliance is also available. The different techniques are suitable for printing any motif on the textile.

To have the polo shirts printed, we only need your motif in a printable PDF file. We carry out a free basic check. If we find any defects, we will contact you immediately. This is how we guarantee and ensure the best possible results for your printed polo shirts. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the data creation process.

As a company with many years of experience in printing and finishing, we offer various techniques. Directly after printing, embroidery is particularly popular. Embroidering polo shirts is a high-quality alternative to classic printing. The embroidered polos are easy to iron/clean and convince through easy handling.

Another way of finishing textiles is with lasers. Due to the fine adjustment of the laser beam, there is no damage to the material. The selected motif is immortalised in the fabric. Therefore, thicker fabrics such as fleece jackets are suitable for this technique.

Logos, lettering and more can be printed in various places on the short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirts. One or more motifs can be placed freely on the textile. With so much freedom, we ensure that you can design entirely according to your wishes.

Sales-promoting effect of polos

With the help of the options in the finishing, unique polo shirts tailored to the area of application are created. The shirts not only offer the opportunity to present yourself uniformly as a company or group in CI design. The high-quality textiles are visible from afar.

In this way, your staff, your company and your group will also be noticed. High-quality and attractive embroidery or printing is thus an attractive form of advertising. The wearers of the polo become, so to speak, a mobile advertising space that can be used for various purposes.

As with poster advertising, there is the option of promoting a brand, pushing certain events or drawing attention to offers and sales. With different motifs, the flexible use of polo shirts as an advertising medium can be implemented. The appealing polo shirts have an effective effect on your sales promotion.

Use the T-shirts for event marketing, as comfortable as well as solid workwear or as a popular promotional gift for customers. Polo shirts are comfortable to wear and enjoy great popularity among different age groups. Customers and employees will enjoy the best quality polo shirts for a long time.

The lightweight polo shirts are ideal as giveaways. Used as promotional items, they can easily be handed out or thrown into the crowd. Especially at events, trade fairs and concerts, polos are ideal to use as promotional items. The shirt is perfect for promoting long-term awareness of your business, brand or next responsibility.

Not only at the place of issue, but also at the respective places of stay of the new owners is effectively advertised. The polo is a popular advertising medium and practical advertising medium at the same time. Use these qualities for your own purposes too! We will help you with the optimal placement of your advertising.

Ask for our advice via our e-mail address or contact form. Together we will tackle the next advertising medium or workwear. We turn your ideas into reality on high-quality textiles!


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