Pullbox Adapter "Flat"

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  • Suitable for the "Teardrop" pullbox
  • Incl. adhesive plates for secure fastening to the product
  • Inexpensive article surveillance
  • Effective and quick to attach
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The "Flat" pullbox adapter is the perfect complement to the "Teardrop" pullbox. With the enclosed adhesive plates, the adapter can be securely attached to the product. This protects your products from theft and still allows them to be presented in a highly visible way.

The attachment is very simple. The ball head of the security line is guided through the slot of the adapter until it sits in the middle. Then the adapter can be attached to the product using the adhesive plates. This low-cost article surveillance system is effective and quick to install.

Whether it is goods, exhibits or test products - with the pullbox adapter you can secure your products against theft easily and without great effort.

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