Below is our range available for your product security for various items. The articles in this category make it difficult for shoplifters to strike quickly. They provide maximum protection for you products. The safety equipment is mounted directly to your articles and can not be removed without a key. A popular item in this category is of course the "Pegboard Hook Locks" These keep all your products safe that is displayed on your pegboard display.
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Security Against Theft: Effective Article Surveillance

Shoplifting causes high expenses. Therefore, the purchase of line security, lock, dummy holder and alarm systems makes sense and pays off quickly. Primary article surveillance products are usually attached directly to the merchandise. They either cannot be removed at all or can only be removed at the checkout.

Certain article surveillance labels trigger a signal or alarm when the goods leave the store. Other products destroy or discolor the merchandise when the security is forcibly removed, rendering the stolen goods unusable. Secondary article surveillance works with surveillance mirrors, checkout mirrors or with a dummy camera.

Products for article surveillance are a sustainable and effective protection against theft. Especially for many articles in retail, i.e. for portable products, anti-theft protection through article surveillance is particularly important. There are a wide variety of security solutions that can act against theft in many different ways.

Take for example the wall or table mount for mechanical securing or also small adapter plates for pull boxes with ball end piece. In most cases, the special article securing can only be removed by special tools.

When a purchase is made, the security sensor is removed by the sales staff at the checkout with the help of special devices. Sometimes it is also deactivated by scanner.

Our Product Range for your Theft Protection

You want to secure your items well and sustainably against theft? We have a variety of solutions for you.

Consider the Pullbox "Teardrop Loop". This teardrop-shaped pullbox for mechanical securing and presentation at the P.O.S. consists of a loop and two locking rings. One locking ring offers the possibility to determine the loop size, the other one serves as a stopper when the wire rope is pulled on. 

Or do you need a single and double hook lock for securing goods on single and double hooks? The Single and Double Hook Lock "Simply" was also developed for these purposes and is available to you online here.

A wall or table holder displays the Dummy Holder "Magna". The wall-mounted or table-top holder acts as a mechanical safeguard as well as a display for displaying articles. The goods are secured here by the mutual attraction of the holder parts by integrated magnets.

Effective Article Surveillance Systems

The various, effective products for securing goods that are available to you in our online store are ready for immediate use. They can be installed in no time at all. You too can take advantage of the precaustions for retail, for stores, markets, for trade fairs or other large events. There is no faster or easier way to secure your goods!

This makes it possible to continue to present the articles and products close to the customer. At the same time, the risk of theft is kept as low as possible. No matter which of our products you choose. We are sure to have the right one for you in our program.

Here in our online store you will find all details on the topic of article surveillance. Inform yourself and find the right product for you and your place of business now!
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