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Replacement Filter HEPA H14 for Air Purifier "LR 80 WIFI+"

Item number: 10.0537.39

Product highlights

  • suitable for air purifier "LR 80 WiFi+".
  • easy replacement by simply pulling out
  • H 14 filter incl. activated carbon
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Separation efficiency 99.995%

Product Description

Every 6 months, the main filter of the air purifier "LR 80 WIFI+" should be changed so that the cleaning performance is maintained and the smallest pollutants continue to be filtered out of the air.

The replacement filter has a 4-fold structure:
- Ionisation filter 20 million ions/m³.
- Antibacterial filter
- Honeycomb activated carbon filter
- High efficiency HEPA filter H14 with self-sterilizing effect

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