Shelf Lighting System "FlexiPower"

  • easy to attach with magnets
  • residue free removal
  • customisable for different shelf types
  • casing and strip available in other colours
  • uses energy saving LEDs
  • modular, extendable system
  • use several LED strips in a row
  • polarity protection
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Fixing magnetic
Connection 230 V
Voltage [V] 24 V
Light technology LED

Product Description

Simple and effective: this is our new, flexible lighting set for your shelves!
Combine several rails again and again or set your highlights in scene with only one single LED rail.

Our clever FlexiPower magnetic system
• Place the magnetic power rail (A) at the required place on the shelf
• Thanks to the slim construction they can even be positioned behind the shelf

For every type of shelf:
• Is the power rail (A) is too long? Shorten it on site yourself
• The magnetic junction box can be adjusted in height without interruption to the power supply

Space and time saving:
• Dual use: the junction box (B) operates over 2 connections
• The LED strips (E) can be placed in a row to extend

Always tidy:
• The connecting cable (C) can be positioned unnoticed against the shelf thanks to the magnetic cable holder (D)

Super bright and energy saving:
• Our LED strips (E) are efficient and durable as well as being available in different lengths and light colours

Shelf Lighting System „FlexiPower Mini“ consists of:
1x [A] Power rail [10.0512.15]
4x [B] Junction box [10.0512.16]
4x [C] Connection cable 600 mm [10.0512.26]
4x [D] Magnetic cable holder [10.0512.14]
4x [E] LED strips 970 mm long [10.0231.427]
1x [F] Power supply [10.0086.126]

Shelf Lighting System „FlexiPower Midi“ consists of:
1x [A] Power rail [10.0512.15]
4x [B] Junction box [10.0512.16]
8x [C] Connection cable 600 mm [10.0512.26]
8x [C] Connection cable150 mm [10.0512.25]
8x [D] Magnetic cable holder [10.0512.14]
8x [E] LED strips 970 mm long [10.0231.427]
1x [F] Power supply [10.0086.126]


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mini mini 10.0526.1 299,00 €* view Article »
midi midi 10.0526.2 436,00 €* view Article »
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