You bathe the surroundings in warm white light and create atmospheric effects at the point of sale: LED shelf lighting in a wide variety of shapes and lengths. Our online shop offers you exactly the right models for shelves of all types, sizes and combinations. Find out more online now and order the right system!
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With LED Shelf Lighting you bring light into the darkness

Shelf arrangement and labelling has an effective impact on your customers' buying behaviour. By designing your shelves in an appealing way, you have the opportunity to highlight certain products or areas. Among other things, high-quality shelf lighting can also have a positive influence on buying behaviour.

With intelligent guidance, the lighting elements and power cables remain concealed, while the products on the shelf are put in the spotlight. Light by nature has a special effect on the eye. Therefore, well-designed shelf lighting draws the attention of customers and visitors to your products on the shelf.

The additional attention ensures that customers look more intensively at certain products. You have the option of directing attention to specific areas of the product range or equipping your shop uniformly with LED shelf lighting. The more intensive engagement with your product range can entice customers to make further purchases and thus have a positive effect on your sales.

In addition, the filigree shelf lighting sets create a warm light source at the respective application area. LED lighting has the potential to complement your shop furnishings in an atmospheric way. Various sectors and shops benefit from the high-quality effect of LED shelf lighting.

Powerful lighting ensures that your products at the point of sale are perfectly presented in the right light. In this way, you can effectively illuminate shelves, showcases or even a counter or bar area and immerse them in atmospheric LED light.

It doesn't matter whether you want to illuminate shelves made of glass, wood or plastic. The "invisible" systems are quick and easy to install, without any complicated assembly. Find out more about the LED systems in our online shop. You too can make your shelves shine.

How to put your products in the right light

In our online shop you will find various extensions for your shelving system. You can choose between different versions to put your products in an appealing light. The LED lighting can be easily attached to the respective shelving system. This way, you can raise your presentation at the point of sale to a new level in no time at all.

Do you own a Tego shelving system? These shelves made of Tego metal are especially suitable for attaching LED shelf lighting. The use of magnets makes mounting the lighting particularly convenient. In addition, it can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

- LED Shelf Lighting System

✓ simple mounting through the use of magnets
✓ residue-free removal
✓ individual adaptation to each shelf type
✓ enclosures and rails available in other colours
✓ use of energy-saving LEDs
✓ system modularly expandable
✓ several LED rails can be extended in a row
✓ reverse polarity protection

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First attach the thin magnetic LED strips to the shelf. The corresponding height-adjustable junction boxes are attached to the power rail on the shelf. The distribution boxes can be used twice because they are equipped with two power connections. The lighting system is easy to install with the aid of connecting cables, cable holders and a power supply unit.

The housings and rails of our shelf lighting are available in various colours and lengths. Our systems are modularly expandable and can therefore be individually adapted to any type of shelf. The use of high-quality LEDs ensures homogeneous and attractive backlighting.

The shelf lighting systems are characterised by a simple plug-and-go system. It allows the shelves to be rearranged at any time, without the need for time-consuming cable laying. The Tego system is also ideal for expert illumination of glass, mesh, metal and wooden shelves.

LED shelf edge profile set

As an alternative to classic shelf lighting with illuminated rails, a luminous shelf edge rail set is a good choice. The illuminated profiles are a real eye-catcher in your store. With the standard insertion height of 39 mm, the illuminated rails can also be fitted as before. An insert with backlit foil provides the optimal luminous effect.

With such a set, you not only ensure that your price rail is backlit. At the same time, the rail's clever design ensures homogeneous illumination of the shelf. Rely on an illuminated shelf edhe price rail to perfectly showcase your shelf labelling and products.

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LED shelf lighting for your Point of Sale

Decide now for the LED shelf lighting that best suits your requirements and wishes. Enjoy the easy handling of the systems and illuminate your shelves in a high-quality way. This way, you can put your product range in the spotlight at the point of sale.

With their simple form and the different colour variations, the systems offered here fit ideally into any environment. They become (almost) invisible light sources with warm light colours.

What's more, even the light colour of some models can be additionally selected and adapted to the surroundings or the respective shelf. The choice is yours - decide now for the right product in our online shop. Benefit from the sales-promoting effect of LED shelf lighting.
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