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Showcase "CT"

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Product highlights

  • showcase made of aluminium & safety glass
  • suitable for your outdoor area
  • optionally available with lighting
  • IP56 certified (protection against dust & water jets)
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Material aluminium
Safety glass yes
Surface anodised
Profile colour silver
Opening direction upwards
Back panel magnetic
Fixing wall-mounting
Freestanding no
Coverage one-sided
Lockable yes
Number of locks 1
Ventilation no
Weatherproof yes
Fire safety class B1

Product Description

With this aluminium showcase for outdoor use, we offer you the right format for every location. You get the info box in a variety of divisions. Choose the optimal model according to the number of notices you want to display in your outdoor area. Additional lighting ensures that the contents are visible around the clock.

This display case is based on a construction of silver anodised aluminium. This frame is complemented by an impact-resistant front panel made of 4mm ESG safety glass. In addition, the display has an IP56 certification. This means for you a secured protection against dust and strong jets of water.

Thanks to this protection class and the weatherproof nature, the display case is exactly suitable for outdoor use. Benefit from a new advertising and information space in the outdoor area.

You can display inserts of different or uniform sizes in the aluminium display case. With the help of magnets, these can be conveniently attached to the rear wall. Again, they can be exchanged via the opening at the top. In the open position, the front of the display is held by a steel strut. This allows you to exchange content safely and conveniently.

Opt for a 4x A4 display case to exhibit your menu. Or discover our 8x A4 display case for the presentation of press reports and dates in public areas. Find the right model with or without lighting for your outdoor zone!

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Variants Layout Illumination Item number Item No. Price      
4x A4 no 4x A4
12.0001.408 274,00 €* view Article »
6x A4 no 6x A4
12.0001.409 299,00 €* view Article »
8x A4 no 8x A4
12.0001.410 338,00 €* view Article »
9x A4 no 9x A4
12.0001.411 361,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 no 12x A4
12.0001.412 425,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 no 15x A4
12.0001.413 486,00 €* view Article »
18x A4 no 18x A4
12.0001.414 550,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 no 21x A4
12.0001.415 600,00 €* view Article »
24x A4 no 24x A4
12.0001.416 660,00 €* view Article »
27x A4 no 27x A4
12.0001.417 740,00 €* view Article »
4x A4 yes 4x A4
12.0001.201 324,00 €* view Article »
6x A4 yes 6x A4
12.0001.202 369,00 €* view Article »
8x A4 yes 8x A4
12.0001.203 424,00 €* view Article »
9x A4 yes 9x A4
12.0001.204 431,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 yes 12x A4
12.0001.205 530,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 yes 15x A4
12.0001.206 595,00 €* view Article »
18x A4 yes 18x A4
12.0001.207 660,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 yes 21x A4
12.0001.208 725,00 €* view Article »
24x A4 yes 24x A4
12.0001.209 775,00 €* view Article »
27x A4 yes 27x A4
12.0001.210 830,00 €* view Article »
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