LED light boxes for effective illuminated advertising indoors and outdoors. The simple aluminium profile provides high-quality, homogeneous illumination of your content or printed surface.
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Illuminated Advertising with LED Light Box

Illuminated advertising brings you more visibility and attracts people's attention to a special degree. Compared to unlit advertising, illuminated advertising immediately catches the eye due to the intense perception of light. We use powerful and modern LED modules for our illuminated advertising. Discover our LED illuminated advertising for your sales promotion.

This type of advertising is used both indoors and outdoors. There you can use it as a company sign, decorative light source, advertising space or information desk. Through exclusive printing, the illuminated advertising can be adapted exactly to your company, corporate image and the area of application.

LED light boxes serve as a homogeneously illuminated advertising medium on the wall. The flat systems draw attention to your advertising message and your company. Depending on the system, they can be used on one or both sides. The lightbox can be customised exactly to your company by printing or lettering.

Silver anodised Light Boxes with Aluminium Profile

Our light boxes have a silver anodised aluminium profile that stylishly frames your content. We distinguish between LED light frames, light boxes with convex curvature and light banners. These can be used perfectly for more visibility and sales promotion indoors and outdoors.

Where would you like to use your LED light box? Our range includes various models for attractive illuminated advertising. Depending on the system, different formats are available.

Decide now on the right item and request printing from us. Haven't found the right size? We can also offer you additional formats on request.
light box with acrylic cover and aluminium profile

LED Lightbox with Cover for your Outdoor Area

On outdoor facades, the LED light boxes create an ideal advertising effect. The displays for outdoor use are based on an aluminium profile in which a plastic pane is embedded. This is backlit by modern LED modules. As a visually appealing illuminated banner, these items are often used as company signs.

Especially outdoors, illuminated signs can be used to attract customers and passers-by around the clock. The illumination not only ensures an ideal presentation of your company, but also an increased awareness. By doing so, you can ensure that more people become aware of your services.

In addition to contributing to new customer acquisition, the light box provides a high level of orientation. Your business premises or separate entrances are thus quickly recognisable to customers and visitors. In addition, most displays are delivered ready for installation.

This results in easy installation and immediate use for you. Discover our light boxes with cover or embedded panel for your exterior facade.

LED Illuminated Frames - the right format for your content

LED illuminated frames are not only suitable for permanent advertising. Instead, thanks to the folding mechanism, content can be exchanged again and again. You can always adapt your presentation to your offers or occasions. Advertise in portrait or landscape format with LED illuminated frames.

Choose our LED illuminated frames for single-sided or double-sided content presentation. The LED lighting integrated in the frames ensures even illumination. The frames are available in various formats.

You want to change the content of the frame? Simply unfold the frame elements, exchange the content and fold them shut. Advertising with LED snap frames is that easy. In addition to these frames, you can also get acrylic and magnetic frames in our online shop.
LED illuminated frame for advertising new product launches
textile light box for the wall with LED modules

Textile Light Boxes with LED Illumination

The textile light boxes can also be used for temporary advertising. In contrast to the light box with acrylic cover, the advertising space here is made of textile. There is a groove in the frame of the textile light boxes. Various textile banners can be easily pushed into this groove and stretched tightly.

The various textile prints are easy to attach to the light box. Here, too, there are versions for single-sided or double-sided use. Accordingly, depending on the model, the LEDs are either mounted on the back wall or in the frame of the display. Discover the different aluminium stretch frames with LED lighting in your desired format!

Light Box made of Acrylic or with Aluminium Frame

A light box can be seen from afar due to the LED lighting. The boxes are used as advertising displays, company signs, illuminated signs or signposts. Depending on the area of application, various articles made of different materials are available. Take advantage of our experience and production to adapt the light box exactly to your business.

Are you looking for an illuminated company sign for outdoor use? Our light boxes with acrylic cover and aluminium frame are ideal advertising signs. They are easy to recognise, quickly attract attention and are easy to attach to the facade.

Do you need an illuminated advertising space? Illuminated boxes with convex curvature or LED illuminated frames help to display your content in a high-quality and particularly effective way. The contents can be changed quickly and at short notice.

Choose one of our LED light boxes now. Ask us for printing and have the display adapted exactly to your corporate design. Discover LED light boxes for outdoors or indoors now!
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