Spirit Level with sturdy Key Ring, coloured block vials


Product highlights

  • tube level for horizontal alignment of objects
  • break-proof block acrylic
  • 16 x 5 x 50 mm
  • ultra welded with armoured chain and hardened steel ring
  • good UV-resistance of the vial liquid
  • with 1-sided, 1-colour print including ancillary printing costs
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This acrylic block with embedded block level holds reliably on your key ring with the help of the armoured chain and the steel ring. This way you can quickly regain balance in a tilted position.
Is the battening on the summer house really straight, the lintel really horizontal or does the shelf fall to one side?
Bring the bubble of the scale to the normal point and align an object exactly.

In order to provide your customers with the ideal advertising medium, the spirit level can be individualised with a key ring. Choose the colour of the spirit level and plastic connector. In addition, we can provide the small spirit level with your individual logo print. The costs for a 1-sided and 1-colour print are already included in the price. For special wishes please contact us!

Communicate your contact data specifically on the key ring and be quickly accessible for your customers! No matter if you advertise your webshop or publish your new service hotline.


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