Give-aways are welcome, small promotional gifts. They increase the awareness level of your company and preserve the positive memory of it. The promotional items under the €10 limit are suitable for mailings, trade fairs or events. Discover lighters, bottle openers, key rings and other products including high-quality printing.
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Promotional Gifts & Give-Aways - Cheap and effective!

Giveaways are among the most inexpensive and effective promotional items. They are often needed in large quantities and, thanks to the low price, are distributed to many customers as a promotional gift. Giveaways therefore reach a large number of potential customers and business partners quickly and easily.

The useful, small gifts create a friendly atmosphere and you remain present in the customer's memory. Whether at a trade fair, as a small gift with a consignment of goods or at the shop counter. Every customer is happy to receive a free gift.

Use the effective promotional items under the tax-free limit to strengthen the relationship with customers. Surprise regular customers with an attractive promotional gift for various occasions. At the same time, the articles can be used to address new customers.

The giveaways under the tax-free €10 limit can be customised with a print. Opt for printing with your logo, a motif or a CI design. Do you want to increase the awareness of your brand? Or draw attention to your stand at a trade fair?

Printed Give-Aways for Trade Fairs and Events

The giveaways are small articles that can achieve a high advertising effect. The various articles are ideally suited for printing with your desired motif. Make sure that the articles can be clearly assigned to your company. This can be ensured by printing your logo.

After designing and printing the give-aways, the small articles can easily be taken away or sent to branches. Once there, they can be given out for a certain value of goods or to any customer at the checkout. Use bags to promote your online shop or a new product group.

At exhibitions, you can liven up your stand with promotional gifts and other stand ideas. The various gifts with logo advertise themselves at the trade fair. As visitors who have already received gifts walk around with the articles, they attract further visitors to your booth.

Due to their small size, give-aways are suitable for all occasions. As the name suggests, they can be thrown into the crowd. This is how you find the promotional items at carnival parades, before concerts or at festivals. The large number of visitors means that a large number of potential customers can be reached in one fell swoop.

Have Giveaways printed in the Corporate Design

Give-aways are usually practical items that are suitable for repeated use. As a lighter, cup or key ring, they are used again and again. By confronting a logo with every use, it imprints itself in the person's mind. To take advantage of this effect, you should definitely print the promotional items in your corporate design.

Although the items are small, they offer an attractive advertising space. Our print data sheets help you to optimally use the surface of the articles for an advertising application. The CI design and your CI colours make your brand recognisable even without a logo. Ensure that the giveaway item is associated with your company, even if the logo is not visible at the moment.

By printing your logo on the article, a branding effect occurs. This is called a branding effect because your logo or your advertising is virtually burned into the consumer's mind. In this way, you ensure customer loyalty, improve your image or encourage purchases.

If you do not have any print data, we will be happy to help you out with our graphics service. They will do the work for you and create a print file in your design. Rely on a CI design to optimally expand the awareness of your brand.

Tax-free Limits for Giveaway Items

To give gifts to employees or customers, companies like to use certain limits so that the promotional gifts are not taxed. There are different limits depending on the intended use or the recipient. However, the tax-free limit for giveaways has remained constant at €10 for the last few years.

Employee Gifts:

As an employer, you can give away employee gifts up to the non-cash remuneration limit. This can be utilised on a monthly basis to surprise employees with fuel vouchers or gift sets. Use the monthly goodies to inspire employees with additional benefits.


Giveaways sometimes go to employees, but usually to customers and business partners. In the current year, the limit for giveaways is €10. This refers to the net value of the gifts and attentions. Use this limit to carry out promotional campaigns without paying tax.

The best Giveaways Individually Printed

Lighters or key rings are always welcome, everyday giveaways. They are frequently and permanently used. Effective promotional items don't have to be expensive - take a look through our range! We offer you various articles for addressing your target group.

All promotional items can of course be printed individually. Lighters, key rings, buttons, even colourful balloons with a printed logo, company name or an entire slogan? No problem - contact us and we will take care of it. You will find further, extremely popular promotional items in the product group Office & Writing Instruments.

Our Topseller:

Shopping Trolley Token - Easy release of trolleys when shopping, practical everyday helper for every day.
Lighters - A true classic that does not lose its popularity
Bottle opener - Often and gladly used, simply opens any bottle

These classic givea-ways are practical and popular with customers. Their compact size makes them easy to transport and hand out. A wide range of colours and relatively large print areas allow the displays to be designed freely.
Seasonal giveaways for Christmas

Promote seasonally:

buy seasonal give-aways online

The giveaways are used at various events, trade fairs or functions. They are given out at the Point of Sale, on the trade fair stand or at city festivals. In addition, there are many other occasions where you can use promotional items.

Seasonal occasions open up a whole new range of promotional products. By advertising at certain times of the year, you present yourself as attentive and customer-oriented. With promotional items you can wish "Happy Easter", "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy New Year". With fan articles or decorative articles for the Oktoberfest, you can also use sporting events or folk festivals for advertising campaigns.
Through novel, practical or unique promotional items, you leave a positive impression on customers. Planning such seasonal promotions shows your commitment and the appreciation of your company's customers. Discover giveaways for Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve as well as fan articles for the next sporting event or football tournament.

Sweet Advertising: Popular with Children & Adults

While classic giveaways can often be stored for a long time and used again and again, this is not the case with food. Nevertheless, they are just as popular, because who doesn't love to snack? But here, the shelf life of the promotional products must be taken into account.

The use of sweet advertising goes down well with the masses. You can use jelly bears, water bottles or chips bags for outdoor or indoor promotions. The individual packages of food are just as suitable for logo printing. Discover food as a giveaway for young and old.
Food as a giveaway with logo

What is the right Article for your Company?

For marketing, it is crucial to know your target group. If you focus your promotional activities on this target group, you will achieve much better advertising results. When choosing promotional items, it is also crucial to know the milieu you want to address. As a tobacco product manufacturer, it makes sense to give away lighters as giveaways.

If you are a manufacturer of e-cigarettes or a brand for healthy salad bowls, on the other hand, other promotional products are more suitable. You don't need lighters for e-cigarettes, so the promotional product is not interesting for customers. Customers who pay attention to their health and healthy salad bowls are often not smokers. Therefore, this would not reflect your image as a "healthy brand" and would hardly appeal to customers.

Who are your customers and what is your image? You should ask yourself these two questions when choosing the right give-away. This is the only way to ensure that you strike the right note with customers and that the promotional items are used repeatedly. And that's crucial if you want to be remembered in a positive and impactful way.

Alternatively, choose an item to appeal to the broad mass of potential customers. After all, handing it out at certain locations already ensures that a certain target or age group is represented. General-purpose items such as mugs, bags or sweet advertisements will make you resonate well with different customers.


Ideas for Use of Promotional Items with Logo

As a festival sponsor, are you looking for attractive giveaways for festival visitors? Use coloured sunglasses including a logo print on the side. The festival visitors can put them on immediately and protect their eyes from the blinding sun.

Do you want to encourage newsletter sign-ups at retail? Give away a logo printed bag for each subscription. This saves customers having to buy a shopping bag. You benefit from the newsletter subscription and the branding effect of the bag printed with your logo.
Folding Rules as a promotional item

Folding Rules

Giveaways with Logo

To celebrate the anniversary of your medical practice, you want to surprise all your patients with a promotional gift. Choose a disinfectant to go, which will accompany patients on the road or when travelling. Every time they use it, they will remember your practice and the anniversary promotion.

Imagine you are a supplier of building materials. According to your industry, folding rules are perfect for handing out to business customers. These can then be used on a daily basis in the carpentry or roofing business. Rely on practical promotional items such as folding rules to be remembered through the repeated use of the giveaways.

Discover Giveaways and Promotional Items in our Online Shop

Giveaways are small and can be quickly fitted with a logo, but at the same time they generate a lot of added value. The items are used at events, at the POS or at trade fairs indoors and outdoors. The small items are easy to store, can be handed out in various ways and are extremely popular.

The small practical items with logo ensure a lasting impression of your company with customers and business partners. The principle of promotional items is applicable to all industries. In addition, the items are suitable for different and even seasonal occasions.

Surprise hotel guests with a giveaway at check-in. Surprise customers at the Point of Sale. Or address trade fair visitors with attractive promotional gifts at the trade fair. By using certain give-aways, you can appeal to your target group or the broad mass of potential customers.

We offer a wide range of promotional items for your next mailing, loyalty or advertising campaign. We are happy to help you with the selection of giveaway items as well as the creation of the print data. Choose promotional items to increase the awareness level of your company in the long term.
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