Stock Feeding & Sliding System for the Point of Sale

With our innovative stock feeding & sliding systems, you can get your shelf management "rolling" and thus to a new level. The "GravityTrack" system optimises your product presentation through independent shelf management. The "Wine Pusher" is the ideal product pusher for heavy and round goods such as wine bottles.

The two automatic shelf management systems save time and ensure a permanently attractive presentation. Discover our solutions for your shelving system too!

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Slide System „GravityTrack“ for the PoS

With our "GravityTrack" system, your shelving stays permanently organised and optimised. Simply equip your shelving system with the matching track rollers. The smooth-running rollers are arranged in such a way that the products slide to the end of the shelf with the help of gravity alone. With the help of shelf dividers made of wire or metal, the products keep their intended place. In this way, unsightly gaps in the presentation of goods are avoided. An attractive shelf arrangement ensures better product presentation and thus has a positive effect on your turnover.

In addition, the system saves you a great deal of working time due to the automatic product feed. Your staff therefore have more time to devote to more relevant tasks, such as customer care.

The system is suitable for:

all common shelf types

in fresh food and refrigerated shelves

for products of different sizes and shapes

How you benefit from GravityTrack

  • automatic product feed for optimum, seamless product presentation
  • products in easy access for the customer 
  • can be used for many product groups
  • fewer rejects due to permanent feed
  • increase in turnover 
  • cost savings due to saved working time (approx. 1.5h per day)
  • achievement of ROI (Return Of Investment) after approx. 12 months

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Individual Design through Selection of Accessories

A wide range of accessories gives you the opportunity to customise your shelving system. An ideal adaptation to your assortment and your shelving system is thus easily possible.

The "GravityTrack" system is based on roller tracks that ensure automatic product feed by using gravity. Without further intervention, products slide down and close the gap created by the removal at the front of the shelf. Wire or metal dividers are used to separate the individual products from each other.
stock feeding system with labelling of components
Various front panels made of acrylic ensure a high-quality look. Here you can choose between illuminated and non-illuminated front stoppers. Exclusive printing can increase awareness of your brand or company.

Optionally, you can also get the sliding system with additional product pushers. These reinforce the advance of goods when positioned at a less slanted angle. Choose the right accessories to suit your shelf.

Accessories for the GravityTrack System:

Automatic Product Feeding with our "Wine Pusher"

With our "Wine Pusher", the automatic product feed of beverages and even heavy wine bottles is successful. The system works without a tilt angle. Instead, the products stored on rollers are moved to the front of the shelf by a product pusher. The pusher is particularly suitable for round and heavy products. A pushing force of 15N ensures an automatic product feed that even moves wine bottles effortlessly.

Our "Wine Pusher" system consists of a T-rail, a pusher and a shelf divider. The assembled components can be integrated into any shelving system. One product pusher is suitable for five wine bottles. This system also makes your staff's daily work easier with an automatic goods pusher.

The shelf dividers ensure a clean demarcation of different articles and a clear presentation on the shelf. The extra high front stopper prevents the bottles from tipping out. The automatic feed permanently ensures an attractive product presentation.
single element for bottle pusher
pushing of bottle in several rows
product presentation for Wine Pusher

The right System for your Shelf Arrangement

Discover our stock pusher systems for your shelving system as well. Both the "GravityTrack" system and the "Wine Pusher" system are easy to integrate. After a very short time, the systems will have a positive effect on your business. The staff is relieved by the automatic product feed and the improved product presentation leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

With such a system, you present yourself in a professional and high-quality manner. The appealing shelf arrangement has an impact on your turnover and ensures that the ROI factor is quickly achieved. In addition, a wide range of accessories allows you to customise the system to suit your business. Choose the right stock feeding system for your shop layout. We are also happy to advise you personally - on the phone or via video chat.

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