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Optimally presented on Table and Counter

With tabletop stands, information and advertising content can be presented in a high-quality manner at the Point of Sale (POS). The versatile display stands put your notices perfectly in the limelight. At the same time, they are protected from external influences.

At sales counters or information desks, waiting times can easily occur. During this time, customers, visitors or passers-by are occupied with the objects on and behind the counter. You can draw attention to certain promotions, services or notices with attractive displays.

Thanks to their placement on the table or counter, the advertising displays automatically find themselves at the optimum viewing height. The information are noticed immediately. This feature makes the tabletop stands a basic piece of sales promotion equipment.

The various models accommodate inlays in various formats. From A7, to A6, A5 and A4 up to A3. The prints can be easily inserted or clamped inside the advertising stand. In this way, contents can be quickly exchanged and you can always inform and advertise in an up-to-date manner.

The counter displays are used in various industries. Wherever counters or tables are part of everyday business life, the stands can achieve optimal effects. Classically these are: medical practices, public institutions, pharmacies, reception areas or cash areas.

In addition to these areas of application, our menu card holders are recommended for use at HoReCa, for example. Numbered tent displays can be used to number tables or areas. In addition, some articles can be used as attractive name plates.

Particularly decorative are the slanted L-shaped or tent stands as a chalk board. With the appearance of a chalk board and the lightness of plastic, the products are striking over their entire length. In various shapes, the boards can be written on with chalk markers.

As you can see, the tabletop stands are flexible and can be used for any purpose. Combined with a brochure holder, they make your advertising presence perfect. Discover the different counter displays for your area of application.

High Quality Materials

Exclusive adaptations possible

Directly from the manufacturer

Different Models for every Industry

The entire range of tabletop stands can be divided into specific product groups. The assortment can be filtered by material and format. However, there are further differentiations between our articles. A large selection of shapes, designs and uses is available online.
Showcard stands are one of the above mentioned product groups. The stands usually consist of a frame, tubing and base. Extendable tubes are ideal for displaying advertising or notices at a selected height. They offer a high degree of flexibility in use.

The stability of the tabletop showcard stands is guaranteed by a stable base. Inside a PVC pocket, your media remain well protected in the poster frame. The frame is available in different colours. The showcard stands are ideal for price labelling, among other things.
showcard stand used as tabletop stand
Use slanted sign holders as tabletop stand
While showcard stands can be colourful, slanted sign holders are transparent. These L-shaped stands are usually made of plastic. The material protects against dirt and grime while providing a clear view of the contents. Anti-reflective material prevents reflections so that the inlay is clearly visible at all times.

In a wide variety of shapes, formats and alignments, the stands quickly find their place on the table and counter. Simply print out the notice and place it in the slanted stand to have an attractive promotion or effective information sign. Some of the models are also available in the look of a chalkboard. With chalk markers, entire works of art can be realised on the slanted sign holders.
Table Tent displays are also largely made of plastic materials. Here too, there are some models that can be used as chalkboards. In the form of a tent, the tabletop stands usually have a low height.

Due to their shape, table tent displays often serve as name plates. The name plate can be placed permanently in the table tent display or can be replaced again and again. In HoReCa these articles are suitable for numbering or reservation of tables. We would be pleased to produce the appropriate models for your location.
Table Tents as attractive tabletop stands
Multi-sided Sign Holders for Table and Counter
The aforementioned product groups include articles that are used for one-sided or two-sided presentation. However, those who want to draw attention from all sides opt for multi sided sign holders. The three- or multi-sided tabletop sign holders offer space for several inserts.

In this way, there is the option of advertising for several contents or presenting one content on several sides. This group of products is mainly placed on tables that are accessible from several sides. This can be at HoReCa, on bar tables at a reception or in waiting areas.
Menu card holders represent a two-sided advertising space. The front and back can be used to display a menu, advertising or information. The transparent tabletop stands are differentiated by different base materials. In addition to an acrylic base, wooden or aluminium blocks are available.

The base made of the respective material ensures good stability on tables and counters. These tabletop stands are also available in various formats, so that inserts can be easily inserted into them. As the name suggests, these sign holders are ideal for food or drink menus.
Use menu card holder as tabletop stand
Discover counter stands in the various materials. Whether single-sided or multi-sided presentation, the tabletop stands reproduce your advertising content in high quality. They belong to the basic equipment of sales promotion. By placing them on tables and counters, the models are directly in the field of vision of visitors and customers.

The range includes a wide variety of designs to optimise your sales promotion. Besides the classic product groups, many other special models are available. Magnetic displays, banner displays and angled displays are waiting to be discovered by you.

Sign Holders directly from the Manufacturer

Our acrylic and rigid PVC tabletop stands are manufactured at our various locations. Promotions, menu cards and name plates stand out particularly well due to their crystal-clear presentation. Mostly the advertising stands are used in the gastronomy for presentation and in shops for price marking.

We have our own facilities for the production of articles made of acrylic and PVC. Therefore we can produce exclusive shapes and displays for table and counter according to your wishes. Printing with logo and slogan desired? With us you can also have your tabletop stand individually printed.
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