Textile Frames and Stretch Frames with and without Lighting

Textile frames and stretch frames can be used for high-quality, large-scale advertising and information. The various systems for your banner advertising put your advertising content in the limelight at various locations. Both indoors and outdoors, the systems allow you to fully exploit the potential of your sales promotion

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category banner Indoor systems
In indoor areas, unlit and lit textile frames are used to place advertising effectively. The frames usually consist of a plain aluminium frame, which is provided with a groove. The banner is mounted in this groove and is displayed in high quality. As a display, for wall mounting or as a hanging model, the stretch frames create a high level of perception by customers and visitors.

Unlit Systems

Textile stretch frames are used for large-scale and striking advertising. High-quality printed textile banners are perfectly stretched and presented by the different frames. At the point of sale, in offices and many other areas, they serve as an attractive eye-catcher that attracts a lot of attention. You can use this effectively for your sales promotion and branding by equipping them with an attractive banner design.

Lit Systems

While unlit systems attract attention only at a limited time, illuminated frames can be used around the clock. With the help of LED modules, your advertising banners are evenly illuminated. The luminous effect draws attention to your advertising message, especially in the dark winter months. In addition, the illuminated wall can contribute to the atmosphere of the room as an additional light source.

LED Wall Frame Technology - LED on Dibond®

Suitable for single-sided frames up to 2000 mm wide and 1000 mm high.
LED Strips mounted on Textile Frames

LED Stand Display Technology - Edge Light Technology

Suitable for double-sided frames up to 3000 mm high and 2000 mm wide.
double sided textile frame with LED

Technology of the LED Stand Displays - LED with Stabilizer Bars

Suitable for double-sided frames up to 3000 mm high. Width: almost limitless.
LED Textile Frame with Stabilizer Bars
Category Outdoor systems COM
Especially in outdoor advertising, a high number of potential customers can be addressed with well placed advertising. In the field of outdoor advertising, textile frames are a popular advertising medium. They serve to arouse interest in pedestrian zones, on the street or at outdoor events.

Due to weather conditions, our outdoor systems have to meet special requirements. The models for outdoor use presented below meet the requirements for long-term outdoor use. You can also choose between illuminated and non-illuminated models for the outdoor systems.

Digitally printed Banners for unlit Frames

Discover our high-quality banners for your non-illuminated textile tension frame. We are happy to provide the digitally printed banners with your personal desired motif. Before the banner is printed, your print data is checked by us to ensure a meaningful print result. Alternatively, we can also create the print data for you.

Digitally printed Banner for Backlighting

You will receive the matching digitally printed banners for your illuminated frames directly with the article. The respective banner for the single or double-sided LED frame supports the homogeneous illumination of your motifs. For single-sided frames, for example, a block-out banner ensures that no luminosity is lost "to the back" and that the complete luminosity is focused on the single-sided presentation.

Additional accessories for your stretch frames

In addition to our range of textile frames, we offer a large number of accessories in our online shop. In addition to a high-quality banner, there are also other articles available for the decoration of your product.

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