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Pocket Umbrella and Stick Umbrella as an Advertising Medium

Promotional gifts are particularly effective when they offer practical added value for your customer. Umbrellas fully meet this criterion. They become a constant companion in everyday life and also serve as a mobile advertising medium. This ensures that your company not only remains present with the owner, but also attracts the attention of other people.

Score points with your customers with this promotional item. On particularly rainy days, the printed umbrella comes to the rescue. In such situations, your customers are extremely happy that you have the umbrella with you. This gratitude is associated with your company and makes a positive impression on the customer.

Since the umbrella models are objects of normal everyday life, they are often used. The durability of the items ensures that they become a permanent companion in everyday life. This in turn ensures that the customer is frequently confronted with your company. One consequence of this is strengthened customer loyalty.

The Umbrella as a Brand Ambassador

An attractive advertising or logo print ensures that additional people notice it. The promotional item umbrella serves as a mobile advertising medium. In this way, you can increase the awareness of your brand or company. Not only customers benefit from the beautiful promotional gift, but you also receive a free advertising medium at the same time.

In addition, the umbrellas of any kind fulfil further demands on an advertising medium. They are available in various colours and can be individually printed with screen printing or transfer printing. However, the most important thing is the large target group that you address with this promotional gift. Customers and business partners from the most diverse circles are delighted with the high-quality umbrellas.

Don't leave your customers out in the rain. The umbrellas conjure up pretty splashes of colour in the grey of a rainy day and make you forget the wetness. In our online shop you will find various models that can also withstand strong gusts of wind.

Mobile Advertising Medium

For all Age Groups

Ideal Promotional Gift

Windproof System

The Different Umbrella Variations

In our online shop you can find various umbrella models that you can use for your promotions. The different models all have different characteristics. You decide which item you want to give your contacts pleasure with.

A large proportion of the umbrellas in our range are fully automatic. These fully automatic umbrellas can be opened and closed at the push of a button. The tension springs are tensioned again when they are mechanically pushed together. Both pocket umbrellas and stick umbrellas are available fully automatic.

You can also find unusual models with us. These include pocket umbrellas with a fillable handle, asymmetrical umbrellas or sustainable items. With a sustainable variant, you can present yourself to your business contacts in an environmentally conscious way. A fillable handle offers the option of putting your products, such as coffee beans and screws, in the spotlight. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right item.

Pocket Umbrellas

A pocket umbrella can be easily stowed in any bag and is right there when you need it. Not only can the umbrella be folded up small, an included bag also ensures that it is neatly stowed away. Quick to set up and fold again, these compact solutions are very popular.

Find here in the shop not only the well-known mini pocket umbrella, but also those with a difference. Our pocket umbrella not only protects you from the rain, but also the backpack or handbag on your arm. Yes, even your luggage will stay dry.

These asymmetrically designed umbrellas give you the freedom to cover prominent objects or accessories with the overhanging side of the umbrella, while also keeping yourself well protected under the centre of the umbrella.
Pocket umbrella in asymmetric shape in black yellow

Stick Umbrellas

The classic stick umbrellas are still very much in fashion. They are always a popular choice, especially as promotional items. With an attractive promotional print, the different umbrellas become the perfect companion on rainy days.

Those who use their umbrella for support when walking will also find cane umbrellas in the shop, such as the automatic umbrella with a rounded handle. With its frame made of fibreglass rails for better stability and a flamed wooden round hook handle with grip ring, this classic cane umbrella can be customised with your own advertising print.

The cane umbrellas are ideal to put in the car or to use as a walking stick during a walk. If it rains, the mobile rain protection is ready to hand and quick to use. With a large umbrella surface, these umbrellas offer a particularly large advertising space for your motifs.
Stick Umbrella in Black Green

Children's Umbrella

Not only are adults brought joy with an umbrella, but children also enjoy the colourful umbrellas. Children's umbrellas are specially designed for children. Despite its smaller size, the children's umbrella also has the windproof system and can thus withstand strong gusts.

With a creative print or colourful lettering, the umbrella becomes a real eye-catcher. The perfectly coordinated umbrella can be taken along by children for a walk in the woods or the next outing. This practical and colourful promotional item also leaves a lasting impression on parents.
Kinder Sicherheitsschirm in strahlendem gelb

Promotional Umbrella: A Companion in Everyday Life

Umbrellas are generally popular promotional items and are used by various companies for different marketing campaigns. They are so popular because they are a day-to-day accessory for countless people. This makes you particularly memorable to your business contacts. In addition, umbrellas are extremely practical items that can quickly protect you from unpredicatable weather.

With a promotional umbrella, you can protect your customers from the moods of the weather and allow them to enjoy shopping trips, sightseeing or relaxing walks without getting wet. The umbrella's versatility ensures that your customers are grateful for the protection every time and automatically associate this with your business.

For example, a promotional umbrella can help save an outfit or hairstyle, or allow a building inspection to go ahead as planned. In industries such as hairdressing or make-up, the promotional umbrella can become part of the business décor and enhance customer service. Hairdressers and make-up artists have the opportunity to protect their artwork with an umbrella in their corporate design. Property developers can present themselves professionally to buyers or investors at construction sites.

As you can see, a printed umbrella is not only relevant as a promotional gift for private individuals. While private individuals use the umbrella for their personal purposes, businesses can use the umbrella to present themselves professionally. Whether in hotels, on tours or at events, you can score points with the umbrellas, especially in the service industry.

Your specific corporate identity design can be easily transferred to the advertising material with printing or lettering. This also increases the recognition value of your brand in public spaces. Printed umbrellas also serve as attractive advertising space for business use. Discover our umbrella models for long-term use in your company.

Umbrella made from Recycled Material

You want to advertise sustainably but don't want to do without the umbrella as an advertising medium? The pocket umbrella Ecobrella is a fully functional mobile umbrella made from recycled materials. Both the cover and the canopy and even the handle of the umbrella are made from recycled materials.

The responsible umbrella offers an excellent advertising space for your logo or advertising print. In addition, it is equipped with a high-quality windproof system.

You can get the eco-umbrella in normal size or as a mini pocket umbrella. Score points with your customers with this sustainable promotional item.

Custom Printed Advertising Umbrellas

Printing is the decisive element of a successful promotional item. Thanks to our own print shop and many years of experience, we can provide you with professional support. Bright colours and your logo turn the umbrella into an eye-catching advertising medium that carries your message to the world come rain or shine.

Our online range offers various umbrellas with attractive advertising spaces. You can place your logo or other motifs as you wish. Choose your desired colour and we will print the umbrella according to your ideas. Transparent umbrellas can also be selected and printed with us.

Thanks to the logo print, not only will your contacts always remember your company, but passers-by will also recognise the logo from afar. Well-known logos and brands are noticed particularly quickly. Transform your umbrella into an effective advertising umbrella in a flash with a high-quality print.

Find the umbrella that best suits your company now. We will be happy to help you choose the right model and also support you in creating the print data. Our intensive checks ensure that the best possible print result is achieved.

Print any desired umbrella with your logo and surprise your customers and business partners with a special kind of promotional item.
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