Vidar - The Smart and Automated Dispenser

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  • Adjustable desired quantity
  • Filling accurate to the gram
  • Product mixtures without intermediate weighing
  • Use of any customer containers
  • All-in-one cleaning
  • IT integration into existing systems
  • Available as stand-alone or shelf system
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Vidar, the smart and automated dispenser, fills your products to the exact gram at the touch of a button.

The Vidar dispenser fills your product mixes directly into any customer containers without intermediate weighing.

The Vidar dispenser is easy to operate, offers time-saving all-in-one cleaning and ensures a hygienic working environment.

Thanks to its integration into existing IT systems, the Vidar dispenser can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow and enables you to work even more efficiently.

Vidar is available as a stand-alone version or as a shelving system.

Unpacked. Automated. For everyone.


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