Present food hygienically and attractively with transparent bulk food dispensers. In addition to the classic cereal dispenser, you can get other models for hanging or for the counter. The associated levers or a scoop make it easy to dispense the contents.
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Bulk Food Dispenser for Wall and Counter

Food requires special hygienic handling and storage. Bulk food dispensers and gravity bins can help to store and present the goods hygienically. For this reason, the practical containers are used in various areas.

Classic cereal dispensers are mainly used in hotels and restaurants. Positioned at the buffet, the food dispensers enable easy dosing for independent take-away. The operation is self-explanatory, while the narrow opening ensures more order at the buffet. Thanks to the crystal-clear material of the containers, your staff can immediately see when the contents need to be refilled.

In addition to gastronomy, more and more containers are also being used in grocery shops. They help to avoid repackaging and waste in retail without having to forego an appealing presentation. In this way, customers or staff can directly take out the various items, such as coffee beans, rice, condiments, spices, dry goods, nuts, grain, flour, sugar, snacks, candy or oatmeal.

Depending on your shop, you have the option of choosing a food dispenser with wall suspension or as a counter display. The wall-mounted version can be attached to the wall individually or with several on a kind of rail. They have the practical dosing lever, while the dispensers for the counter are available with or without a scoop.

Inside the bulk food dispensers, different food items can be presented and stored. The labelling of the contents can be done via an integrated insert for product labelling. In this way, price or product labelling is possible in close proximity.

Food Gravity Bins

Presentation of unpacked goods

Cereal dispenser for wall in detail view

Wall Bulk Food Dispenser

  • Lever with comfortable handle shape
  • Attachment to a wall rail
  • Practical inclination for removal without residues
  • Transparent material for attractive presentation of goods
  • Wide opening allows use for various food products

Hygienic Presentation of Food

With bulk food dispensers, you create a uniform and high-quality image in your shop or restaurant. The models with a simple look fit perfectly into any interior design. By using the food dispensers, you can present your business in a hygienic and environmentally conscious way. This way, you can leave a positive impression on guests or customers.

In food shops, goods are available in this way without packaging and are also easy to dose. Inside the large-capacity containers, there is room for various types of food. Stored well, they stay fresh and crisp for a very long time. The bulk food dispensers are versatile and can be used for different types of goods.

For cleaning the food dispensers, we recommend warm water in combination with a mild detergent. Rinse the individual components of the item and dry them thoroughly afterwards. You can then fill new products into the inside of the container. We recommend an initial cleaning before using the bulk food dispensers.

Discover our gravity feed dispensers and bulk cereal dispensers for your buffet, your shop or for presenting food samples. The dispensers store the respective food items while also allowing for hygienic and easy dispensing. Both staff and employees gratefully accept the practical containers.

Present your goods on the wall or on the counter. We supply you with the right bulk food dispenser with scoop or practical dosing lever. Choose the right food dispenser for your restaurant, shop or canteen now.
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