Chrome Plating

Chrome plating, sometimes also known as chromium plating, is a process in which a thin layer of chromium is deposited onto the surface of a metal object through electroplating. It is a common process used in manufacturing industries to enhance the surface of metal objects and can enhance their durability, increase resistance to corrosion and wear, and improve appearance. The chromium finish provides a bright, mirror-like surface that is highly reflective, making it one of the ideal choices for decorative purposes. 

Chrome Plated Barrier Post

The Chrome Plating Process

  • Cleaning and degreasing the object so that it has a clean surface
  • Depending on the substrate, apply various pre-treatments
  • Placement of the substrate into the chrome plating vat
  • Application of plating current for a certain amount of time until desired chrome thickness is attained

During the last step of chrome plating process, the object is placed in a bath of electroytic solution and an electric current is then applied.

The object lying in the electric current serves as a cathode (negative charge), while the anode (positive charge) is made of pure chromium. The electric current running through the bath causes the chromium ions to attract to the object's surface. 

The object is left in until the desired thickness layer of chrome is reached. The layer of chrome offers a hard , corrosion resistant layer. This layer protects the object from damage caused by moisture, chemicals, and other envrionmental factors. 

Objects that are subjected to a lot friction and abrasion also benefit greatly from being chrome plated so that they are protected by the thin chromium layer. 

Our Chrome Plated Products

We have many products here at VKF Renzel to choose from, some of which are chrome plated products. Some of these cromium plated products include beautiful ballpoint pens.

Whether you are looking for colourful pens with a chrome finish such as the twist mechanism ballpoint pen "UP", or if you are looking for a classic coloured pen with more chrome accents like the "VIP" Ballpoint Pen, you will be able to find that perfect pen for your desk. 

If you have a slatwall system and want to display your clothing products on a beautiful surface with strong material, check out the Hanging arm with 10 balls. This hanging arm offers support for up to 10 clothing hangers, offering a large area to display your product. 

Check out some of our chrome plated products below, browse our store, and find the exact product that you have been looking for!
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