ESG Safety Glass

Enhaced Safety Glass is a tempered glass, making it tougher and safer than traditional glass. Tempered glass means that the glass has been processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments.

This kind of treatment puts the outside surfaces of tempered glass into compression and the inside surfaces into tension. Having one surface of the glass in tension while the other is in compression creates stresses on the glass, so that if broken, it will shatter into tiny granular chunks instead of splintering into large, sharp, jagged pieces as normal glass does. Small granular chunks of broken glass are less likely to cause injury than large jagged shards. 

Showcase with Safety Glass

How is Safety Glass Made?

1. Cutting is the first step in processing ESG sagety glass. It is important that major cutting or grinding is done before the glass is tempered. This is because cutting of the glass material after tempering could cause the glass to fracture. 

2. Cleaning the glass after being cut and grinded is the next step. This step cleans up any remaining debris that may be on the surface of the glass. 

3. Tempering of the glass is the next step in making safety glass. This is done by heating the glass to very high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it back down with air. This rapid heating and cooling process creates compressive stress on the surface of the glass. This compressive stress is what makes the glass stronger and break-resistant. 

4. An alternative way to make tempered glass is with chemical processes instead of thermal processes (as seen above in step 3). This chemical process used to toughen the glass involves forcing the glass into compression by ion exchnage. The ions used in this exchange of the glass surface are sodium and potassium ions. This type of safety glass process is more often used when creating glass objects of complex shapes. 

Increased Strength

Improved Safety

Heat Resistant


What are the Advantages of ESG Safety Glass?

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Safety
  • Heat resistant
  • Versatile
Tempered glass is anywhere between four to five times stronger than traditional glass. This toughness makes it harder to break.

Should the glass break, it is engineered in a way where it will shatter into small pieces rather than large jagged edges. These smaller broken pieces make it less dangerous and reduce risk to injury when cleaning up. 

Safety glass is heat resistant making it ideal for high-heat environments. ESG safety glass is also very versatile and can be used in many industries. Anywhere where stong, break-resistant glass is needed, it can be used. 
Hygienic Screen Made of Safety Glass

Products we offer here at VKF Renzel made of ESG Safety Glass

We offer a wide range of products with safety glass. Some of these products include glass showcasessafety glass table top displays, Door Sign "Monaco", hygienic screens, and much more. All of these products come in many different sizes and shapes. Our ESG safety glass products have modern and sleek styles that will advertise your material in a stlish eye-catching way!

For more ideas, check out our website and discover more of our products with ESG Safety Glass.
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