Hot Foil Stamping 

Hot foil stamping is a printing process in which thin layers of an embossing foil are transferred under the influence of pressure and heat.

Depending on the foil used, both visual and tactile effects can be achieved. The technique is mainly used for finishing exclusive products such as magazine covers, certificates, business cards, menu cards, etc.

The printing tool used for hot foil stamping is an embossing die that is heated before printing. As the elements to be embossed are raised, this is also referred to as a letterpress die.

Menu with Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping Process

During the stamping process, this embossing die is brought into contact with an embossing foil that is made up of several layers:
  • A carrier foil serves as the base layer.
  • The separating layer above it melts under the influence of the hot embossing die, causing the actual transfer layer to peel off.
  • This consists of an adhesive layer and the optically effective layer, which can contain colour or metallic pigments.
  • After cooling, the metallic layer is permanently and smudge-proof bonded to the printed surface.
Pressure is applied to the die, the foil is transferred to the surface, and after the foil is peeled away, a beautiful eye-catching design is left behind. 

Permanent and Durable

high-quality, smudge-free design 


used for a wide range of applications

Fast and Efficient

ideal for high-volume production runs


wide range of design options

Advantages of Hot Foil Stamping

  • Permanent and durable
  • Distinct elegant look 
  • Many variations
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast and efficient
Hot foil stamping is a cost effective way to brand or market your business in an elegant, eye-catching manner. This printing process can be conducted on a wide range of materials including paper, carboard, plastics and leather. 

Customisation is made easy with a wide range of foils and dies to choose from. Create your own design and stand out by choosing from different coloured, metallic, or holographic foils. Customise your Menus and Billfolders with this stand out technique. 

Hot foil stamping is an automated process making it fast with few mistakes. It also reduces the need for manual labour making it efficient as well as cost effective for businesses who need to print large quantities quickly. 

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