Offline Marketing - What is it and how does it work?

Offline marketing describes all marketing measures away from the internet. This includes flyers, catalogues, TV, radio advertising and out-of-home media. Simply put, all marketing channels that do not belong to online marketing. Offline advertising offers many options to stand out from other companies and enhance your company's image.

Online and Offline Marketing

Online Marketing Channel: Webshop

Types of Online Marketing

SEO, SEA, Affiliate Marketing, Webshop, Email Marketing, Blogs, Video Marketing, Social Media

Offline marketing at the Euroshop trade fair

Types of Offline Marketing

Catalogue advertising, advertisements, radio & TV advertising, trade fairs, outdoor advertising, PR, giveaways

Offline Marketing - What is the Benefit for Me and My Company?

Offline advertising can work in different locations and reach a high number of potential customers there. With effective outdoor advertising, you can advertise regionally and address your target group with advertising impact. Most forms of offline marketing are classic outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is often described as a new way of marketing. The goal is to get the customer to come to you. You achieve this by offering added value by entertaining or informing potential customers. With inbound marketing you have lower costs, but the effects usually only appear after some time.

Types of Inbound Marketing: content marketing, social media, webinars

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is often referred to as the conventional form of marketing. Communication here is usually one-sided. With the help of TV, radio or advertisements, potential customers can be addressed in the short term. The scattering loss can be greater with this type of marketing, as you often address the broad masses instead of a narrower target group.

Types of outbound marketing: trade fairs, print ads, TV and radio advertising, cold calling

Offline Marketing - How can I measure it?

While online marketing can be easily evaluated using KPIs (key performance indicators), offline marketing is more difficult. Although offline marketing can also deliver better results, many companies opt for pure online advertising. One reason for this is that the evaluation of online measures is much easier than that of offline advertising.

Offline marketing reaches a broad mass of people in outdoor advertising, on screens or with giveaway campaigns. Here your advertising meets different target groups, potential new customers or even loyal regular customers. They are confronted with the image of your brand. The more often people notice your brand, i.e. on a giveaway or as a banner ad on their way to work, the more your products and services stay in their minds.

Offline Marketing KPIs

  • Special Landing Pages With pages created specifically for offline marketing, the success can be evaluated via the number of visitors. Here, there is a risk that some other visitors will land on the page anyway. For example, if the page ranks for certain keywords.
  • Discount Codes Special discount codes are only advertised offline so that you can track how often this code has been used.
  • Offline Marketing Tools These programmes can evaluate success insofar as you have connected the offline channels with the programme. The disadvantage of this way of recording KPIs is that the tools usually cannot evaluate all channels.
But what if a person likes the offline marketing but does not interact? The person has still seen the advertisement and it has influenced his attitude towards the company. The effect that the brand is perceived with a certain image and is "burned" into the mind is called the branding effect.

This effect is not necessarily measurable, but it should not be underestimated. It can lead to the person thinking exactly of your catering company the next time they plan a party. Or the building contractor also asks for a quote from your carpentry company for the next building project. You can also achieve this effect from offline advertising for your company with the right material.

Offline Marketing for your Online Shop

Offline advertising can not only support your online marketing, but also promote your online shop regionally. Promote the new Click & Collect option in the online shop in your branch. Turn offline customers into online customers by pointing out great offers and competitions in the webshop. At the same time, your newsletter or a new app can be perfectly promoted at the Point of Sale.

The Right Marketing Mix for Your Company

You can achieve unique results with both offline and online marketing. It is important that you know your target group but also your USPs (unique selling propositions). This way you can clearly highlight your advantages and communicate them attractively to your customer group. Defining your target group makes it easier to decide on a suitable marketing channel.

But most of the time you cannot reach them through only one channel. To address new target groups, you resort to online and offline marketing. A special marketing mix ensures that your marketing measures achieve optimal results. Use word-of-mouth propaganda, use giveaways or place Google Ads.

The coordinated mix of different channels and campaigns helps you to reach your target group and to address further potential customers. Use online advertising as well as offline advertising to maximise the success of your business. Promote products and services on multiple channels now.
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