Wheel of Fortune "Magnestik"

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  • Quick and easy set-up to save time
  • Steel stand for high stability
  • Individual layout: for your corporate identity
  • With magnetic base in Ø 900 mm for easy attachment of printed panels
  • Can be written on and wiped off with board markers
  • Customised printing on 16 alternating magnetic fields and 1 magnetic centre
  • Customised handwritten paper panels can be placed under the cut-outs of the trapezoidal panels
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The "Magnestik" Wheel of Fortune is the perfect solution for your events. It offers functionality and flexibility in one. Thanks to the 2-part base frame and the robust steel tripod, it stands stably and securely. Assembly is quick and easy - simply insert the upper part with the disc into the tripod and fix it with the clamping screw. The magnetic base with a diameter of 900 mm allows you to attach the printed panels effortlessly.

With 16 high-quality plastic pins, individually printable magnetic trapezoidal fields and a printed centre circle, the "Magnestik" Wheel of Fortune offers a customised presentation of your brand. You can easily write your own handwritten notes or texts on the base surface using board markers and wipe them off again. The magnetic trapezoidal fields allow you to print out prices on normal paper and attach them behind the fields. A practical transport bag and board markers are also available as accessories. With the "Magnestik" Wheel of Fortune, you can showcase your company in an innovative way!


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