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Event Products

In the dynamic world of events, exhibitions, and tradeshows, it is vital to create memorable and engaging experiences for visitors. Event organisers are constantly looking for innovative and eye-catching products to enhance their events. The field of event products encompasses a wide range of items, each serving a unique purpose to enhance the overall event experience. From raffle and donation boxes to tombola drums, wheels of fortune, event wristbands and portable advertising systems, we'll look at some of the key event products that play a vital role in events of all sizes.

Create Intrigue with Interactive Event Equipment

Raffle and Donation Boxes are essential fundraising and audience engagement tools for events. These products serve a dual purpose by not only raising funds for a cause, but also adding an interactive element to the event. When it comes to raffle boxes, you can choose from transparent and wooden options, each offering a different aesthetic.
  • Transparent raffle boxes: These sleek and modern boxes allow participants to see the contents inside, adding an element of transparency and excitement. Participants can visually witness the growing pool of tickets, encouraging more participation.
  • Wooden raffle boxes: For events with a rustic or classic theme, wooden raffle boxes exude warmth and sophistication. Crafted from quality sustainable materials, these boxes offer durability and a natural look.
Raffle Box Event Product
Donation boxes, on the other hand, are designed to encourage charitable giving. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often customised to match the theme or branding of the event. Incorporating these boxes into events not only raises funds, but also fosters a sense of community involvement. Both the raffle and donation boxes are event equipment that can be personalised to fit your theme.
Wheels of Fortune Event Products

Elevate Engagement at your Show or Event

Wheels of Fortune, also known as prize wheels or lottery wheels, bring a gamified element to events. These customisable wheels feature different sections, each representing a prize or activity. Attendees can spin the wheel for a chance to win exciting rewards, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

The versatility of  
Wheels of Fortune lies in their adaptability to different events and themes. From corporate conferences to family-friendly fairs, these wheels can be tailored to suit the occasion. The vibrant colours and engaging “spin and win” concept make them a popular choice for event organisers looking to add an element of fun to their gatherings.

Wheels of Fortune »

Event Entry Essentials

Event wristbands are more than just accessories; they are effective tools for crowd control, identification and branding. These wristbands are available in a variety of materials, including fabric, vinyl, and Tyvek, to meet a wide range of event requirements.

We offer many different types of event wristbands with varying types of closings. Depending on what is required, we offer plastic bead closures, adhesive closures, and event wristbands with clip closures. They are a customisable event product, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.
Event Wristbands

Increase your Brand Outreach with Event Mobility

In the field of event equipment, portable advertising systems play a key role in communicating information, promoting sponsorship and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the venue. These systems come in a variety of forms, including banners, flags and pop-up displays.


  • Banner Stands, such as the Moving “X-Banner” are portable and easy to set up, banner stands are versatile advertising tools that can be strategically placed throughout the venue. They provide ample space for graphics, logos and messages, effectively communicating information to attendees.
  • Flags, such as the Moving “Flag” or “Beach Flag”, are dynamic and eye-catching. These flags add vertical visual interest to outdoor events. They are wind-resistant and can be customised with vibrant colours and logos, making them an excellent choice for brand visibility.
  • Displays, like our “Sandwichman” Snap Frame, are easy to transport. They are double-sided displays, providing a visually appealing advertisement for outdoor and event marketing. You can quickly and easily change out the content of these displays with their snap frame technology.
Choosing the right combination of these products requires careful consideration of the event's theme, objectives and target audience. Whether it's encouraging community involvement with donation boxes, adding an element of excitement with raffle boxes or increasing brand visibility with portable advertising systems, the world of event products offers endless opportunities to create immersive and memorable experiences.
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