Discover Wooden Advertising Displays

Discover Wooden Advertising Displays

Displays for natural advertising!

Advertising stands for table and floor made of wood impress with their sustainability and natural look. Both the table displays and the floor displays can be used for poster or product presentation. Discover wooden displays for sustainable furnishing or equipment in your business. Customise now with a print or milling.

Sustainable Brochure Stand "Nerine"

  • beautifully shaped brochure display made of wood
  • for the display of flyers and brochures in various formats
  • optimised shipping due to uncomplicated plug-in system
  • single compartment display stand for presentation on tables and counters

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Shelf Display & Presentation Display "Nerine"

  • presenting goods in a natural design
  • displays with several tiers
  • space-saving delivery in individual parts
  • quick assembly through simple joining of parts
  • attractive wooden displays for tables and counters

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Table-top Poster Stand "Kavero"

  • sturdy table stand made of pine wood
  • A4 insert format for advertising
  • can be used with charlk boards or poster pockets
  • two-sided display of info or advertising

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Poster Clamp Strip "Madera"

  • ideal for posters
  • bconsisting of 4 wooden strips (2x above, 2x below for weighting)
  • noble, sustainable wood look
  • available in natural wood, dark wood, white, black
  • profile width: 21 mm

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Wooden Name Badge "Nerine"

  • Individually designable through laser processing
  • made of high-quality birch wood
  • logos, individual names or special shapes are possible
  • name badge with lasting and natural charm

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Environmentally friendly: sustainable displays made of wood

The sustainability of products or the environmental awareness of companies is increasingly becoming a decisive purchasing criterion. Major brands are therefore already paying attention to the natural presentation of their products. They rely on recycling, the avoidance of packaging waste or the conservation of finite raw materials.

Sustainable raw materials therefore not only play a role in production or packaging. The sustainability of the furnishings or presentation of the goods is also part of the corporate image. They have an influence on the company's external image. Thus, natural resources are also increasingly used in sales promotion.

One popular natural resource is wood. This natural, renewable raw material replaces the use of finite raw materials in many places. The material can be used for various displays. For better orientation, the sustainable products in our range are marked accordingly.


Overview of our sustainable product labelling:

RENA (Renzel Nature) Label
Labelling of displays made from natural raw materials
Marking of recycled products
Marking of recycled products
Avoidance of outer packaging Label
Product Labelling of Natural Packaging

Wooden Displays for Brochures, Posters or Flyers

The table and floor displays from our range skilfully set the scene for your posters, leaflets or flyers. The displays are not only available in different designs, but also in various formats. Wooden floor displays are available in the sizes A1, A2, A3 or A4.

For table displays, the sizes range from A4, A5 to A6 or A7. But special formats such as 1/3 A4 and others are also available as standard versions in the webshop. We offer the right frame or stand for your advertising content.

Table stands that can be used on one side at the optimum reading angle display your content clearly at the respective place of use. They are popular on the wall or on tables and counters. Double-sided displays are used to address customers from different directions. This aspect is crucial in outdoor advertising to attract the attention of a maximum number of passers-by.

Do you want to present your information, posters or brochures in a sustainable way? Our wooden display stands put your print media in the focus of attention. They can be used both in stationary and mobile applications for displaying content. Discover our wooden table stands and floor stands for your trade fairs, exhibitions or presentations now.

Sustainable Presentation of Goods with wooden Display Stands

The special and popular look of wooden displays can be used not only for the presentation of print media. As sustainable merchandise displays, they are used in various industries. They can lend a special charm to the products and direct the customers' interest to certain goods. They are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable eye-catcher in the salesroom.

Natural and regional goods in particular are best displayed with the sustainable displays. The display serves as an extension of the product presentation and, in the best case, embodies the characteristics of the product. In addition, the wooden merchandise displays contribute to the natural décor of the shop.

Environmentally conscious products are best presented with sustainable displays made of wood, paper or cardboard. The material wood impresses here with its robustness, look and feel. It can be used not only for small goods, but also for heavy and larger goods. Discover the natural look of merchandise displays for the sales-promoting display of your products and services.

Special wooden Table Displays for the PoS

Through various possibilities in manufacturing, we also offer customised PoS displays. With a display tailored to your product or brand, you can advertise in a noble and timeless way. The natural wooden displays attract the attention of your customers at the Point of Sale. At the respective place of use, the environmentally friendly material impresses with quality and value.

Choose the raw material wood as a table display or floor display. In that way, a clear brand display can reflect the characteristics of your products. Overall, the display can be adapted exactly to your products, your brand or your company. With moulding or printing, the wooden display becomes a real eye-catcher.

Wooden Table-top Stand

With a wooden table display, you can effectively address customers, guests or visitors. During check-out, service or waiting, the eye is automatically drawn to the wooden eye-catcher. By placing them on the table or counter, the wooden displays are at a comfortable viewing height and central position.

Such a wooden display can draw attention to certain offers, promotions or information. A production at the optimal reading angle also supports the pleasant viewing of the contents. As a chalkboard, the advertising displays can be written on again and again. With brochure stands or frames, the contents can be replaced just as quickly.

The wooden table displays help to increase awareness in various areas. As a menu board in the catering trade, as a merchandise display in the regional bakery or when displaying posters, the displays are inspiring. Use the natural rustic look of the wooden displays for your presentation and furnishing.

All in all, the displays are ideal for short-term and effective advertising or infoming. The wooden displays can be used in many ways and in the long term for sales promotion. By displaying goods or information, you can score points with different target groups. Discover the potential of the table stands for your sales promotion now.

Wooden Floor Stands

Floor displays and floor stands perfectly set the scene for your advertising or information. The displays present your products or content at different heights depending on the stand. They can be used for indoor advertising or even limited outdoor advertising. Increase the visibility of your offers to customers and potential customers.

A popular floor display is a chalkboard. These usually have a wooden frame enclosing a writable chalkboard. As A-stands, they are ideal for outdoor advertising and can also be redesigned again and again. A flexible and long-term usable addition to your equipment.

In addition to this type of floor display, you can choose from various other models to display brochures, goods or information in a sustainable manner. The wooden displays can be used freely in the sales area, at the entrance or at events. Choose between wooden displays that can be used on one or both sides.

The natural look of the displays blends in with any type of interior. The individual grain makes each wooden floor display unique. The sustainable display can also be used to emphasise the natural character of goods or the code of conduct of your brand. Discover the right floor display for use at the Point of Sale now.

Go for a natural presentation

The raw material wood is not only an increasingly popular working material for building construction or civil engineering. This trend can also be seen in sales promotion and in the production of goods. The properties from processing to robustness and appearance can be used for various purposes.

Rely now on sustainable displays to display your goods, advertising or important information naturally and effectively. Discover the different products from our range for your brand, your facility or your company. Use the extensive possibilities of our production to customise your wooden display.

Choose a wooden table display or an elegant wooden floor display. Do you want to advertise or inform in several formats? We can supply you with the right wooden display solution.
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