Zip bags in different colours and sizes are a great tool in everyday private and business life. They help to store, organise and pack different things.
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Zipper Bags: Organising and Packing made Easy

Structure and order are an important part of everyday business. Documents, work utensils and much more need to be stored carefully in everyday life. Both reliable storage in the same place and the type of packaging are important. Simple packaging facilitates the regular and orderly storage of various items.

Zip bags are a simple method of organisation and packaging. They are small zip bags that are available in a wide range of sizes. The different insertion formats of the zip bags help with the packaging of different sized items.

The popularity of the small aids is additionally attributed to the high functionality of the bags. These aids are transparent sleeves and small bags that are closed with a zip. The inside of the pouches therefore remains constantly visible. In this way, documents and digital displays remain visible.
At the same time, the inside of the bag is protected from external influences. Made of PVC, silicone or other films, they provide a waterproof seal against external influences. A fibre reinforcement or extra durable material ensures the durability and stability of the bags.

Sustainable solutions are also available as an alternative to plastic films. The material of the zip bag is replaced by a PVC-free film. This makes the bag an environmentally friendly product. Of course, these zip envelopes are also available in different insert formats and colours.
Zipper bag made of PVC free foil with coloured zipper

A Large Colour and Product Selection of Zip Bags

In the category of zipper bags, there is a large selection of different products. In addition to classic bank bags, you can also get environmentally friendly zip bags or bags with a double compartment. The bags can be ordered in different insert formats from long Din to A4 and up to 55 x 35 mm.

The different insert formats enable the storage of different products in various sizes. Formats such as A4 provide the optimum space for safely storing important documents on construction sites, for example. The formats are graduated in small steps up to the mini small bags.

In addition to the choice of size and material of the zip bags, there is also the choice of the desired colour. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. Most zip pouches have a coloured zip. The rest of the surface remains transparent and provides a clear view inside the bag.

One exception is the colourful small bag. In addition to the zip, the material of this product is also coloured. Despite a choice of bright colours, the bag remains transparent. Here, too, the inside of the bag remains legible.

Are you looking for a non-transparent small bag? Our opaque small bags provide privacy to the inside of the bag. As a bank bag, items or banknotes are transported inconspicuously but responsibly. The opaque bags also provide shielding from various external influences.

A variety of the products shown above can be used as a transparent variant. The inside of the bag remains clearly visible while being protected at the same time. The transparent zip bags are usually equipped with a coloured zip closure. In different formats and materials, the bags are versatile.

Applicable in Various Areas

Due to the easy handling of the bags, they are used in various situations in everyday business and private life. One of the best-known uses of zipper bags is for hand luggage on planes. Here, liquids can be packed in the waterproof small bags.

But zip covers are also used in many other areas. Since order and structure are in demand in every company, they are a frequently used component in business equipment. On the road, important documents or objects can be protected from external influences. The hygienic storage with Zip pouches offers space for all kinds of things or products.

Finally, the zip bags offer unique options in packaging and shipping. By using the bags, you ensure responsible and careful packaging of your products. They ensure that the customer receives the goods in excellent quality and at the same time make the work of your logistics easier.

Printed with your logo or a slogan, zip bags provide a great way to customise your packaging to your business and corporate image. The ease of use of packaging with zip bags is very popular with employees and customers.

Opt for more structure and order in your company. The Zip bags can be used in various areas of everyday business and will soon become a core component of your company or office equipment. We are available at any time to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have about our products.
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