The lightweight 1-point truss system "Naxpro-Truss" FD 21 with a tube diameter of 35 mm is a fast and light helper in all places. With the help of this system, supplement trade fair structures with 3- or 4-point trusses or use them for the spontaneous design of an advertising frame. 
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Aluminium Trusses in 1-Point Design

With the help of the point traverses, decorative constructions, display holders, frames, railings or geometric figures can be designed. The FD 21 series is also quick to use as a small suspension system or for hanging a curtain etc. Take advantage of the easy handling of the "Naxpro-Truss" aluminium trusses to realise your ideas quickly and to a high standard! In addition to the FD 21 series, the FD 31 series is also available for the "Naxpro-Truss" point trusses, which differs in its larger tube diameter of 50 mm.

1-Point Aluminium Truss - The Universal FD 21 Series

In addition to the straight 1-point truss tubes, which are available from us in various lengths, you will find matching angles, T-pieces or the Boxcorner in our online shop. These individual parts help you with the construction of various structures. We also have matching hooks, safety ropes and clamps in our range for suspension. Combine the truss tubes with various accessories depending on the project. Our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are also happy to help you with the creation of special solutions - from the idea to the finished system!
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