"Naxpro-Truss" FD 32 is a truss system in 2-point design and with a tube diameter of 50 mm ideally suited as a support system for your lighting technology. The series offers countless possibilities for constructing creative truss stands and original shopfitting elements.
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Convenient use in Everyday Exhibition Life

The 2-point truss FD 32 not provides you with a suitable base for fastening advertising elements and spotlights with the help of clamps and double clamps for your everyday work at trade fairs and events. With a tube width of 290 mm and an aluminium thickness of 2 mm, it is both stable and compact to transport.

Conveniently transport individual parts such as trusses, T-pieces and brackets to the place of use and connect them with each other on the spot with a force-fit. Conical connectors make it easy to join the elements of the "Naxpro Truss" truss system together with a light aluminium hammer. The truss elements are then fastened together using the bolts and clips supplied, giving your truss construction a reliable hold.

Customised Design Options

Use the "Naxpro-Truss" FD 32 truss system to construct exhibition stands and attractive shop fitting elements. The FD 32 truss is available as a standard version in lengths from 250 mm to 5,000 mm. Combine individual trusses with each other as well as with different angles and connectors of the same series. All parts are available with an untreated aluminium surface as well as with a black powder coating.

Create elements for shop fitting, small truss stands or support structures for lighting systems. Spotlights can be easily attached to the 2-point trusses with the help of half clamps or double clamps. Benefit from the lightweight nature of the material as well as the quick and uncomplicated assembly via conical connections and the supplied fixing material.

Exclusive Service for the Creation of your Truss System

Are you missing a required part, do you need a different colour scheme or can we help you in any other way with the implementation of your project? Then contact us! Special colours and dimensions are available on request from just one piece.
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